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Discount Codes for Order Forms

Apply discount codes to your sales form
for events or promotions.


Video Transcript

Formstack now offers the ability to at a discount code field to your order forms, event registration forms, and any other type of online form. To use this feature your form will need to contain a short answer field so your customer can enter a discount code, as well as a number field to calculate a total price. Once you have your fields in place go to Settings > Plugins, then think click the Add button for discount codes. On the setup screen you'll first need to map your discount code and total fields. You can then enter the text for your discount code. Please note that this code will be case sensitive in form. Next you can type in the discount amount and choose whether you want to use a currency or percentage discount. The currency used for your discount will default to the currency type you're using in your form. When a user fills out your form, they will type in the discount code, hit apply discount and a new total will automatically be calculated. For more information visit support.formstack.com.

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Discount Codes

Apply discount codes to your sales form for events or promotions.

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