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Calculating Total Fields

Learn how to create a self-calculating
total field on your form.


Video Transcript

Hey everybody! Lately we've been having a lot of support requests on the topic of calculating form fields, so we wanted to put together a quick video kind of highlighting and walking you through how to set up a calculating field. Here I have my completed order form and you can see that when a user selects the shirt size he or she would like the price in the total field automatically changes. You will also notice that when a user selects a quantity the price changes accordingly as well. So we have accomplished this by setting up a calculation on the actual total field, and what this calculation does is pulls in the value of the selected shirt size and then multiples that value by the quantity so that we arrive at our total price.

Okay, now let's take a look inside the builder and actually see how we've set this up. Before we get into the actual calculation you first need to understand how we've tied option values to our t-shirt field labels. If we jump into edit mode for our t-shirt field and click over to the option tab, we see our option labels (small, medium, large, and extra-large). Those are the actual values that people will select on the form. Then we see option values just to the right. These are associated values with each of our labels. These options values are for the purpose of associating a dollar value with each product on our list. This dollar value is what actually gets pulled into the calculation on our total field.

I should mention that adding this dollar value to the option label won't do anything when it comes to the actual calculation. This value is there just so the person filling out the form can actually see the price. Okay, now lets take a look at our actual calculation on our total field. We've jumped into the edit menu on our total field. You will see the calculation box at the very bottom. We've setup an equation to grab the price of the t-shirt and multiple this value by the quantity field. Now I’ll erase the equation, and let's add it again so I can show you the steps. This drop down lets you grab the field you want to place in your equation, so we will take our t-shirt field and we’ll have that multiplied by the quantity field. And there is our simple equation.

You can get more complicated with your equations if you’re selling multiple products or if you have multiple levels to your form. Try to follow the order of operations when building out your equation, and use parentheses when needed. If you need a quick refresher on the order of operations we will post a resource link below. And one last tip is to always check your form to make sure your equations operating properly before you publish it. Alright guys thanks for watching, and if you have any other suggestions as far as videos, video walkthroughs please just leave them in the comments below. Thanks.

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Calculating Total Fields

Learn how to create a self-calculating total field on your form.

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