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Digital Marketing Videos

For quick form tutorials, watch one or all of Formstack’s digital marketing videos. Popcorn is optional, but beware of butter on your laptop!

optimizing form buttons

Optimizing Your Form Buttons

Follow these 7 tips toward better form submit buttons.

2 min 38 sec

add form to website

Adding a Form to Your Website

Learn how to add a form to your website or blog.

2 min 17 sec


Form Builder Basics

New to our product? Learn the basics of using an online form builder.

1 min 54 sec

calculating fields

Calculating Total Fields

Learn how to create a self-calculating total field on your form.

2 min 42 sec

make an order form

How to Make an Order Form

Selling products online? See how to set up and build an order form.

5 min 26 sec

import data

Import Data

Master your data! Learn how to import and export form submissions.

1 min 00 sec

conditional logic

Conditional Logic

Create a clean form by showing and hiding certain questions based on other answers.

2 min 39 sec

data export

Manage & Export Data

See how to manage data and ways to export or share it within the app.

4 min 06 sec

formstack emails

Notifications, Confirmations & Redirects

Trigger different types of emails to your users and visitors. Learn about them here.

4 min 41 sec

discount codes

Discount Codes

Apply discount codes to your sales form for events or promotions.

0 min 55 sec

manage users

Managing Users

Learn how to add new users and manage permissions within your account.

2 min 06 sec


Approval Workflow

Approve, deny, or comment on new submissions to streamline communication in Formstack.

0 min 47 sec