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social autofill forms

Social Autofill

  • Faster form completion
  • Improved mobile experience

Forms for the new era collaborate with social media. Reduce form friction for mobile and time-crunched visitors with Formstack’s Social Autofill feature. Just one click lets users complete multiple form fields using data from Facebook or Google+.

By adding Social Autofill functionality to your online form, you can increase responses up to 189%.

partial web form submission

Partial Submissions

  • Lead generation
  • Improved customer insight

What if technology could allow you access to every customer who thought about filling out your form? Well, Formstack’s Partial Submissions feature comes close! Capture real-time data from users who abandoned your form after only filling out a few fields.

line graph

A/B Testing

  • Tailored lead experiences
  • Improved conversion data

Offer personalized customer experiences for higher-converting campaigns. Form A/B Testing allows you to find out which forms convert at higher rates with your audience. Choose elements to test, compare results, and create more successful forms.

campaign statistics

Campaign Tracking

  • Scaling successful campaigns
  • Profitable marketing spend

Know exactly which activities and marketing spends are converting on your website. View valuable campaign data on Formstack’s in-app analytics dashboard. You can also pass these important metrics to your CRM.

form field bottleneck percentages

Field Bottlenecks

  • Improved lead generation
  • Better customer experience

What if one question on your form is causing visitors to leave? Formstack’s Field Bottlenecks feature offers insight into user behavior on your form. Leverage this data to refine your form fields and boost conversions.

embed form Facebook tab

Facebook Tab Embed

  • Lead generation
  • Social media collaboration

With over a billion users on Facebook, it’s likely your customers are there, too. Embed your form directly on your Facebook page with a few simple clicks. Let your fans complete your form without ever leaving Facebook.

Formstack customers using Facebook Tab Embed convert up to 122% more traffic than those not using the feature.

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