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W-9 Process Template

Simplify how you create W-9 documents and other contractor financial paperwork with a completely digital process.

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Document Automation Made Easy

Whether you onboard dozens of independent contractors a month or only a few, you want to help them get to work as soon as possible. Don't weigh down their first day with stacks of tedious paperwork. With Formstack and Formstack Documents, we've made it easy for your team to streamline this process. Simply send your W-9 form to your contractors. Once they hit submit, they will receive an email requesting a signature on the populated document. Let new contractors complete paperwork before their start date so they can dive straight into work on their first day.

With this W-9 template process, you can easily:

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Streamline contractor onboarding
  • Simplify signature collection
  • Digitize paper workflows

What You Need

Formstack Forms

Getting started with this automated workflow is a breeze using Formstack Forms. Features like our drag-and-drop form builder, Theme Editor, Conditional Logic, and add-ons help you create professional looking forms with ease. Simply add this template to your Formstack Forms account to start gathering data you need.

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Formstack Documents

With Formstack Documents, generating PDFs and Microsoft documents is a breeze. Auto-populate professional documents with form data, send customizable email notifications, and more. Simply add this W-9 template to your Formstack Documents account to get started.

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InsureSign by Formstack

With Formstack Documents and InsureSign by Formstack, it's easier than ever to populate documents and collect electronic signatures on W-9s. Take advantage of advanced features such as delayed delivery, customized emails, and more. Using InsureSign by Formstack, you can create an HR workflow that makes the signing process quick, easy, and painless.

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W-9 Document Template
W-9 Document Template
Formstack Documents helps your HR team eliminate manual, paper-based processes by automating the generation of W-9 forms. By connecting this fillable W-9 form template to Formstack, you can automate how you collect contractor data. With Formstack Documents, you can access an array of automated delivery options so you can get documents where they need to go fast.
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W-9 Form Template
W-9 Form Template
When HR teams want to streamline data collection, they turn to Formstack. Whether you want to create a branded experience for new hires or establish digital workflows, this W-9 form template will give your team the flexibility to collect the data you need. Simply connect your W-9 form to your Formstack Documents template to transform your HR process.
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How It Works

Building an HR workflow with these two templates is easy and only takes a few simple steps.



Log in to your Formstack Documents account, and select the W-9 from the list of templates. Next, you'll need to identify where your data is coming from. Select "Use a data collection form."



Store and organize your documents using our cloud storage tool, Stash by Formstack. Choose the "Save my documents in Stash" option, or integrate with other cloud storage tools under the "Deliver" tab.



Navigate to the "Deliver" tab to prepare your document for signing. To set up your InsureSign delivery, select "InsureSign by Formstack" and customize options as needed.



Next, log in to Formstack to connect your W-9 template. Under "Settings," select "Integrations." Choose the Formstack Documents integration and select your W-9 template from the list of documents



Review all fields to ensure your Formstack data is correctly mapped to your W-9 template. Turn on your workflow and send contractors your link to start automatically populating your W-9 document.

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