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W-4 Template

Use this seamless digital workflow to automate the creation of custom W-4 documents.

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Document Automation Made Easy

Are you still using paper to handle W-4 documents? Streamline your process by using an online form to instantly populate data into a W-4 document. Whether they're new or simply updating their information, your employees will appreciate how easy it is to complete their W-4 online. The best part? You can even collect electronic signatures. There's no need for printing, scanning, or faxing. Help your HR team become more efficient, and reduce time spent on document creation, preparation, and delivery.

With this W-4 template workflow, you can:

  • Digitize paper processes
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Streamline employee onboarding
  • Simplify signature collection

What You Need

Formstack Forms

Getting started with this automated workflow is a breeze using Formstack Forms. Features like our drag-and-drop form builder, Theme Editor, Conditional Logic, and add-ons help you create professional looking forms with ease. Simply add this template to your Formstack Forms account to start gathering data you need.

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Formstack Documents

With Formstack Documents, generating custom PDFs and Microsoft documents is quick and easy. Use your W-4 form template to auto-populate W-4 documents with employee data. Simply add this W-4 document template to your Formstack Documents account to get started.

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InsureSign by Formstack

Get W-4s signed quickly by pairing Formstack Documents with InsureSign by Formstack. Take advantage of advanced features such as delayed delivery and customized emails to create an HR workflow that makes the collection of a legally binding signature quick, easy, and painless. Connect with any of our other eSignature integrations.

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W-4 Form Template
W-4 Form Template
Eliminate paper and manual data entry by automating the generation of W-4s. This W-4 template will help you collect information from employees. Connect your form to Formstack Documents to populate the data you collect into a professional W-4 document.
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W-4 Document Template
W-4 Document Template
Accelerate document turnaround time by connecting this W-4 document template to your W-4 form. Your document will be populated with information automatically as soon as an employee hits submit. After employees sign the document, you can email them a final copy for their records.
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How It Works

Creating a seamless HR workflow with these two templates is easy and only takes a few steps.



Log in to your Formstack Documents account, and choose the W-4 from the list of templates. Next, you'll need to identify where your data is coming from. Select "Use a data collection form."



Navigate to the "Deliver" tab to prepare your document for signing. To set up your InsureSign delivery, select "InsureSign by Formstack" and customize options as needed.



Next, log in to Formstack to connect your W-4 form template. Under "Settings," select "Integrations." Choose the Formstack Documents integration and select your W-4 template from the list of documents.



Review all fields to ensure your Formstack data is correctly mapped to your W-4 template. Turn on your workflow and send employees a link to your form to start automatically populating your W-4 document with data.

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