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Sales Presentation PowerPoint Template

Automatically generate custom presentations for your customers.

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A sales pitch presentation should be short and to the point. At Formstack, we think it should be quick and easy to create as well. That's why we've created a set of templates to help your team create custom pitch presentations with a click of a button. Have a member of your sales team submit client data on a sales pitch form. Once they hit submit, the form data will be emailed to a Formstack Documents sales presentation PowerPoint template and automatically be sent to the client or staff member for review.

With this pitch presentation example process, you can:

  • Streamline and automate how your team creates sales pitch presentations
  • Reduce the number of costly CRM licenses needed with a simpler process
  • Engage buyers with a presentation customized to reflect their purchase
  • Quickly share the information your clients need to complete the sale

What You Need

Formstack Forms

Getting started with this automated workflow is a breeze using Formstack Forms. Features like our drag-and-drop form builder, Theme Editor, Conditional Logic, and add-ons help you create professional looking forms with ease. Simply add this template to your Formstack Forms account to start gathering data you need.

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Formstack Documents

With Formstack Documents, generating PDFs and Microsoft documents is a breeze. Auto-populate professional documents with form data, send customizable email notifications, and more.

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Stash by Formstack

Stash by Formstack is a secure cloud storage tool. With in-app comments and file editing, unique folder permissions, and version tracking, Stash by Formstack makes it easy to save your files in the cloud and keep your team organized.

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Sales Pitch Data Collection Form
Sales Pitch Data Collection Form
Getting started with this workflow is easy! When you have a lead that's interested in getting more information on products, services, or pricing, have a member of your sales team complete the sales pitch data collection form. They can enter specific details about what your potential customer is looking for and how much it will cost. With Formstack's drag-and-drop builder, you can easily customize this form to meet the needs of your sales team. No coding experience required!
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Sales Pitch Presentation Template
Sales Pitch Presentation Template
Once a member of your sales team submits the sales pitch data collect form, Formstack Documents starts working behind the scenes to create your custom presentation. You can set up a conditional delivery to have a sales team member review the final document or automatically send a completed presentation to a client via email. With flexible delivery options, Formstack Documents makes automating your sales presentation PowerPoints a breeze.
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Log in to your Formstack Documents account, and select the sales presentation PowerPoint from the list of templates. Next, you'll need to identify where your data is coming from. Select "Use a data collection form."



Store and organize your documents using our cloud storage tool, Stash by Formstack. Choose the "Save my documents in Stash" option, or integrate with other cloud storage tools under the "Deliver" tab.



Navigate to the "Deliver" tab to automate your presentation's delivery. Select "New Delivery," and choose email. Using merge fields, you can designate an email address where you want sales pitch presentations to be sent for review.



Next, log in to Formstack to connect your presentation template. Under "Settings," select "Integrations." Choose the Formstack Documents integration, and select your sales presentation PowerPoint from the list of documents



Review all fields to ensure your Formstack data is correctly mapped to your presentation template. Turn on your workflow and send contractors your link to start automatically populating your presentation.

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