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Certificate of Completion Template Workflow

Automate the generation of certificates for your class or program participants. No paper needed!

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In today's digital world, waiting to receive a certificate in the mail is no longer acceptable. Students or professionals that complete your program expect their certification right away. By pairing this certificate of completion form with a document template, you can generate custom certificates without paper or manual data entry. Save time, let your staff focus on more important work, and leave a good impression on your students. Automating your certificate generation process will allow students to display their proof of achievement sooner and spread the word about your program.

With this certificate of completion template workflow, you can:

  • Automate certificate creation
  • Reduce messy paperwork
  • Avoid manual data entry
  • Improve the student experience

What You Need

Formstack Forms

Getting started with this automated workflow is a breeze using Formstack Forms. Features like our drag-and-drop form builder, Theme Editor, Conditional Logic, and add-ons help you create professional looking forms with ease. Simply add this template to your Formstack Forms account to start gathering data you need.

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Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents lets you transform data into beautifully designed PDFs and Microsoft documents. Automate the creation of certificates by using an online form to populate a branded certificate with student data. Add this certificate of completion template to your Formstack Documents account to get started.

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Stash by Formstack

Stash by Formstack is a secure cloud storage tool for your documents. With in-app comments, file editing, unique folder permissions, and version tracking, Stash makes it easy to save student certificates in the cloud. Keep an accurate record of course completions without the need for paper or filing cabinets.

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Certificate of Completion Form Template
Certificate of Completion Form Template
Collect data from your students with Formstack's easy-to-use certificate form template. Add your school's branding, and customize fields as necessary to meet the needs of your course. Connect your form to Formstack Documents to populate data into a custom certificate.
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Certificate of Completion Document Template
Certificate of Completion Document Template
Free yourself from paperwork by generating custom certificates online. Connect your online form to this certificate of completion template for Microsoft Word to generate certificates as soon as students complete your program. There's no need for mailing. Students can print their certificates at home.
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How It Works

With these two certificate templates, you can create a streamlined workflow in just a few steps.



Log in to your Formstack Documents account, and choose the certificate of completion from the list of templates. You'll need to identify where your data is coming from. Select "Use a data collection form."



Store and organize student certificates with our cloud storage tool, Stash by Formstack. Choose the "Save my documents in Stash" option, or integrate with other cloud storage tools under the "Deliver" tab.



Navigate to the "Deliver" tab to automate the delivery of your certificates. If you want to email a copy to students, select "New Delivery," and choose email. Using merge fields, you can designate an email address where you want certificates to be sent.



Next, log in to Formstack to connect your certificate form template. Under "Settings," select "Integrations." Choose the Formstack Documents integration and select your certificate of completion template from the list of documents.



Review all fields to ensure your Formstack data is correctly mapped to your certificate of completion template. After your mappings are complete, all you need to do is add the form to the end of your course to start generating certificates.

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