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Formstack Sync

Seamlessly sync your sales & marketing data.

Align your marketing automation and CRM systems to ensure your sales and marketing teams have the data they need for success.


Improve performance with a smooth data sync.

Easily manage lead and customer data

Easily manage lead and customer data.

Use standardized integrations to bi-directionally sync data between your marketing automation and CRM systems. There's no need for manual data uploads! Automate your data processes and ensure there are no delays in sending important information to sales.

Target your database more effectively

Target your database more effectively.

Map standard and custom fields between systems and choose which objects should sync back and forth, including contacts, companies, and opportunities. Leads will sync and de-duplicate across all systems so you always have the most up-to-date information on hand.

Better align your efforts with sales.

Better align your efforts with sales.

Ensure your sales team has the data they need to succeed. System of record rules let you give one system control over another so you can avoid junk data. Pulling clean data back into your marketing automation system will let you more accurately measure the impact of marketing activities on sales outcomes.

Marketing projections Marketing one-on-one

Synced data lets you maximize your marketing efforts.

Better align your efforts with sales.
Deliver qualified leads

Deliver qualified leads to your sales team without delay.

Better context

Provide better context on your marketing intelligence.

Feed CRM data

Feed data from your CRM for segmentation and nurturing.

Opportunity data

Pull opportunity data for better closed-loop reporting.

Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot

“Formstack Sync's integration helps marketers by syncing and updating qualified leads to sales. Marketers can get the revenue and financial cost data they need to make accurate, data-driven decisions.”

Kipp Bodnar
CMO of HubSpot

Create a smooth marketing data sync between apps.

Unite your marketing automation and CRM systems.

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