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Automate your data process with bi-directional syncing.

Bi-Directional Sync

Keeping your data in sync is key to breaking down internal data silos and helping your teams work more effectively across disparate systems. But data synchronization can be difficult to achieve. When connecting systems together, many integration products only provide simple, one-way syncs or require complex setup for more advanced integrations.

With Formstack Sync, you can establish a bi-directional (two-way) sync without the need for custom development. This means your data can flow back and forth based on the rules you set and update across systems automatically.

A two-way sync offers many data synchronization advantages:

  • There's no need to manually upload data across systems.
  • It's easy to prevent data errors and inconsistencies between apps.
  • You can improve reporting with complete data on prospects and customers.
  • Enhanced data visibility means your teams can work better together.

Expert-level integrations, customized to your needs

Choose from a library of connectors.

Don't spend another minute on custom-built integrations. Use standardized connectors to create a two-way sync between systems like HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, ConnectWise, SugarCRM, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. These integrations are easy to manage so you don't have to loop in your dev team.

Map fields between applications.

Use field mapping to connect multiple objects across two or more systems, including contacts, companies, opportunities, and custom fields. You can also leverage relationships between objects, such as pulling data from an account to a contact record. This flexibility makes it easy to control when and how information is updated.

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Gray Triangles background

Manage data rules and workflows.

Use system of record rules to determine how data is bi-directionally synced across applications. These rules allow you to give one system authoritative control over another on a per-field basis. This will ensure that important data (such as information from your sales team) is never overwritten by bad or junk data from outside sources.

Align and de-dupe data across systems.

Our data synchronization software uses unique identifiers to pair data records across applications. This ensures that leads and contacts are updated across all systems at once. You'll never need to worry about duplicate data or wonder which system has the most accurate information. Once your sync is set up, your data will update automatically every five minutes.

Amanda Daume, Director of Sales Enablement at Revenue River

“When recommending data integration approaches for our customers, we look at how the customer will be able to progress the way data syncs over time, without being beholden to custom coding or vendor change orders. Formstack Sync stands out by allowing users to evolve data synchronization with complex systems without requiring time-consuming custom development.”

Amanda Daume
Director of Sales Enablement at Revenue River

Your data is in good hands.

Formstack's data synchronization software is continuously monitored and patched to stay ahead of digital threats. See how we protect your data in transit and at rest.

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