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Unleash Marketo for Pipedrive

  • Robust, pre-built Marketo-Pipedrive connector that scales
  • Bidirectionally sync data between Marketo & Pipedrive to get the systems well aligned
  • Leverage key Marketo features including Revenue Cycle Analytics
  • Bidirectional sync using Marketo's REST API
  • Certified partner of both Marketo & Pipedrive
Marketo Pipedrive

Robust & scalable bidirectional Marketo & Pipedrive integration

When your sales team & BDRs follow up leads, every minute matters. Our Marketo-Pipedrive connector syncs every five minutes to ensure sales gets leads and data on the latest interactions, as they happen.

Plus leads sync and de-duplicate in both directions, so as your sales team adds people directly into Pipedrive, you will not run into the data duplication issues in Marketo which you'll get with one-way sync processes.

Pipedrive Marketo Connectors
Pipedrive Marketo Connectors

Get Marketo & Pipedrive acting as one

Formstack Sync helps you align your sales & marketing process by managing workflows & controlling rules for when data syncs between Marketo & Pipedrive - with no coding required.

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Enable key Marketo features including Revenue Cycle Analytics

Our Marketo integrations are tailor built around key Marketo functionality.

Pull back deal data from Pipedrive to leverage in Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics.

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Pipedrive Marketo Connectors
Pipedrive Marketo Connectors

Wizard setup to manage your data mappings & rules

You don’t need coding or a technical background to manage your Marketo-Pipedrive integration.

Formstack Sync allows you to map fields across systems and control rules such as system of record for each field.

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Our Marketo-Pipedrive Object Mapping

Company (Read, Create, Update)
Organization (Read, Create, Update)
Lead (Read, Create, Update)
Person (Read, Create, Update)
Opportunity (Read, Create, Update)
Deal (Read, Create, Update)
Read = Formstack Sync can pull data for use in another system
Create = Formstack Sync can create a new record in this system
Update = Formstack Sync can update existing records in this system

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Marketo-Pipedrive Integration Walkthrough

Take a tour of our Marketo-Pipedrive integration in this video


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