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Connecting HubSpot with Salesforce, with more capabilities​ than the native connector

  • Connect HubSpot with Salesforce, and set yourself up to scale
  • Manage deeper Salesforce integrations including custom objects & custom fields
  • Unleash key features for your sales & marketing teams – including HubSpot intelligence, HubSpot smart lists & full funnel analytics
  • Certified HubSpot partner with hundreds of HubSpot customers
  • Support for all Salesforce editions with API access (excludes Professional)
HubSpot Salesforce

Scale your HubSpot-Salesforce Integration

Setup your HubSpot and Salesforce integration to scale – control rules and what data syncs including HubSpot contacts, companies, deals & engagements and Salesforce leads/contacts, accounts, opportunities and tasks.

Salesforce HubSpot Connectors
Salesforce HubSpot Connectors

Map custom Salesforce objects & custom fields to HubSpot

Go much deeper with your HubSpot-Salesforce integration to meet your custom business requirements.

Handle custom fields and custom objects such as person accounts to ensure your HubSpot and Salesforce instances are truly working together.

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Unleash key HubSpot features including Timelines & Smart lists

Our HubSpot integrations are designed to help HubSpot users take advantage of key HubSpot functionality. For example, feeding activity data from event or webinars systems and Salesforce into your HubSpot timeline gives you expanded segmentation & reporting capabilities.

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Salesforce HubSpot Connectors
Salesforce HubSpot Connectors

Manage multiple HubSpot or Salesforce instances

Multiple HubSpot portals? Multiple Salesforce instances? No problem.

Bedrock Data can help you connect two or more systems and align the mapped data objects between each system, and manage it all without a single line of code.

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Our HubSpot-Salesforce Object Mapping

Company (Read, Create, Update)
Account (Read, Create, Update)
Contact (Read, Create, Update)
Lead (Read, Create, Update)
Contact (Read, Create, Update)
Deal (Read, Create, Update)
Opportunity (Read, Create, Update)
Any of the above HubSpot objects
Custom Salesforce objects (Read, Create, Update)
Read = Formstack Sync can pull data for use in another system
Create = Formstack Sync can create a new record in this system
Update = Formstack Sync can update existing records in this system

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