Looking for Formstack Sync (formerly Bedrock Data)? You're in the right place!

Pre-built ConnectWise & Infusionsoft integration

  • Integrate Infusionsoft & ConnectWise companies, contacts & opportunities
  • No code whatsoever to map data & manage rules
  • Multi-directional sync keeps data aligned between both systems
  • ConnectWise's preferred marketing integrator, using ConnectWise’s REST API & supporting both cloud & on-premise
  • Certified partner of both Infusionsoft & ConnectWise
Infusionsoft Connectwise

Bidirectionally sync & de-duplicate data across Infusionsoft & ConnectWise

Accurate, complete & consistent data helps your sales & marketing teams perform more effectively.

As new data records are created (contacts, accounts, opportunities), they are connected to any pre-existing records in the other system – ensuring no duplicates – and as records update, they remain aligned. You won’t run into the data duplication issues that you'll get with one-way sync processes.

Infusionsoft ConnectWise Connectors
Infusionsoft ConnectWise Connectors

Automate segmentation of ConnectWise data via Infusionsoft

Sync ConnectWise account and contact data to Infusionsoft, to power your segmentation and targeting for Infusionsoft campaigns.

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Give sales visibility to key Infusionsoft data in ConnectWise

Infusionsoft gathers key information on prospects and manage them through contact fields or tags.

Map these fields to ConnectWise so that your sales reps can see this key Infusionsoft intelligence quickly and easily, natively in the interface they use every day.

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Infusionsoft ConnectWise Connectors
Infusionsoft ConnectWise Connectors

Feed opportunity data from ConnectWise to Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has powerful reporting leveraging sales opportunity data.

Formstack Sync automatically connects opportunities in ConnectWise back to Infusionsoft to populate opportunity data that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

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Our Infusionsoft-ConnectWise Object Mapping

Company (Read, Create, Update)
Company (Read, Create, Update)
Contact (Read, Create, Update) - including reading tags
Contact (Read, Create, Update)
Opportunity (Read, Create, Update)
Opportunity (Read, Create, Update)
Read = Formstack Sync can pull data for use in another system
Create = Formstack Sync can create a new record in this system
Update = Formstack Sync can update existing records in this system

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Infusionsoft-ConnectWise Integration Walkthrough

Take a tour of our Infusionsoft-ConnectWise integration in this video.


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