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What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature (or eSignature) is simply a digitally captured signature. eSignatures can be as simple as a name typed into a document or a signature by hand on a tablet or mobile phone. Signatures collected using Formstack Sign are legally binding. The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act gives the same legal weight to eSignatures as those signed with pen and paper.

Formstack Sign Proposal Example

Learn how to sign electronically with Formstack Sign.

Getting started with Formstack Sign is easy!

1 Upload

Upload any document to Formstack Sign.

2 Add participants

Add signature and approval participants to your document.

3 Drag and Drop

Insert signature fields on your document with our drag-and-drop tool.

4 Deliver

Send your document for signing.

5 Email reminders

Set up email reminders so your customer doesn't forget.

6 Sign anywhere

Customers receive documents via email or text and can sign anywhere.

7 Sign confirmation

Receive a full audit log and confirmation once the document is signed.

Comprehensive process automation

Here's an example of how you can use Formstack Forms, Documents, and Sign together to streamline your everyday processes.

A customer completes a Contact Sales form on your site.

Based on the information submitted, an appointment is added to your sales team's calendar to connect about the customer's needs and a new record is created in Salesforce.

A customer completes a Contact Sales form
Connecting Line
Creation of a sales quote in Formstack Documents

The submitted form data triggers the creation of a sales quote in Formstack Documents.

When the customer is ready to move forward, their Salesforce record is moved to Closed/Won triggering the creation of a sales contract for the customer to sign.

Connecting Line

The customer reviews and signs the sales contract.

After signing with Formstack Sign, both the customer and sales team receive a file for their records.

The customer reviews and signs the sales contract

This process is entirely automated. Once the process is initially set up, it automatically happens every time a customer completes the form embedded on your website. These tools can be applied to workflows across any industry. From legal contracts to rental agreements, automating document generation and eSignature collection as never been easier.

Prioritizing data security

At Formstack, we are dedicated to keeping your data private and secure. See how we protect your data in transit and at rest.

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Simplified eSignature collection

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