Formstack 101

Formstack is a powerful, savvy application. Unlock all its potential for your business with these Formstack guides and videos.


fancy form themes

Fancy Form Themes

Make your form extra pretty with our Themes creator.

23 pages

season ticket sales

Make an Order Form for Season Ticket Sales

We'll teach you how to build an order form to collect season ticket sales.

5 pages

education guide

Formstack for Educators

See how you can leverage online data collection to save time and money in higher education.

33 pages

basic editing

Basic Form Editing

Create the perfect form with these tips on building and editing within Formstack.

9 pages

customizing forms

Customize Your Form

Quickly build powerful, branded online forms with Formstack. Here's how.

11 pages

Formstack primer

The Formstack Primer

Everything you need to dive into our online form builder.

64 pages

track form with google analytics

Why Should I Track My Form with Google Analytics?

Learn why tracking your form via our Google Analytics plugin is important for evaluating form performance.

5 page

electronic signatures

How to Collect Electronic Signatures

We teach you the implementation and legality of electronic signatures.

5 page

small business handbook

Formstack Small Business Handbook

Check out this guide for cost-effective form applications and how-to's for small businesses.

56 pages

marketing handbook

Formstack Marketing Guide

Learn how to leverage Formstack to achieve your digital marketing goals.

47 pages

response capture

How to Safely Capture More Responses in Higher Education

Learn how to collect (and protect) more higher ed form submissions.

9 pages

higher education departments

Formstack for Higher Education Departments

Every department within a university can benefit from online forms. Here are some tips to get started.

13 pages


Features for Maximum Efficiency

Supercharge your team's productivity with these time-busting Formstack features.

13 pages

508 compliance

What's 508 Compliance?

Formstack is the ONLY third-party online form builder that is Section 508 compliant. Here's why that's important.

3 pages

education guide

Formstack's Ultimate Guide to Online Form Design

Follow these tips to create beautifully designed forms and get the responses you need.

forms help solve marketing problems

How Online Forms Solve Marketing Problems

Online forms can solve several common problems that digital marketers face. Don't believe us? Read this guide.

3 pages


add form to website

Adding a Form to Your Website

Learn how to add a form to your website or blog.

2 min 17 sec


Form Builder Basics

New to our product? Learn the basics of using an online form builder.

1 min 54 sec

calculating fields

Calculating Total Fields

Learn how to create a self-calculating total field on your form.

2 min 42 sec

make an order form

How to Make an Order Form

Selling products online? See how to set up and build an order form.

5 min 26 sec


Approval Workflow

Approve, deny, or comment on new submissions to streamline communication in Formstack.

0 min 47 sec

import data

Import Data

Master your data! Learn how to import and export form submissions.

1 min 00 sec

conditional logic

Conditional Logic

Create a clean form by showing and hiding certain questions based on other answers.

2 min 39 sec

data export

Manage & Export Data

See how to manage data and ways to export or share it within the app.

4 min 06 sec

formstack emails

Notifications, Confirmations & Redirects

Trigger different types of emails to your users and visitors. Learn about them here.

4 min 41 sec

manage users

Managing Users

Learn how to add new users and manage permissions within your account.

2 min 06 sec

discount codes

Discount Codes

Apply discount codes to your sales form for events or promotions.

0 min 55 sec