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Education: Scholarship Application

If your school is still stuck using paper scholarship applications or clunky tools, itโ€™s time for an overhaul. Transforming your process will open the door for more students to attend your school, plus save your employees hundreds of hours by eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks.


Students Need Aid Now More Than Ever

With more students needing help tackling student debt, itโ€™s crucial that your financial aid department makes applying for scholarships a streamlined and simple experience.

  • The average college graduate in 2016 had $37,172 of debt.
  • Low-income families spend 60% of net family income on college costs.

Going Paperless Increases Applicants

Itโ€™s the digital age, and your students are living it through every facet of their lives. Generation Z is entrenched in technology like no other generation before; your school must meet them where they are to fulfill enrollment goals.

  • 94% own a smartphone.
  • 50% are online for 10 hours or more a day.
  • 82% plan on using scholarships to pay for school.
Going paperless increases applicants

Did You Know?

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When the San Antonio Foundation took their scholarship application process 100% online, they saw a 25% increase in applicants.


Financial Aid Processes Could Be Hurting Students

Every year, students are losing out on the opportunity to fulfill their dream of a college degree due to poor processes, inefficient workflows, and inaccurate data collection.

Administrative issues and processing challenges have resulted in

  • 15% of eligible students losing out on receiving Cal Grants
  • 28,000 students receiving a false acceptance letter to UC San Diego
  • 50 UT Tyler students getting full-ride scholarships revoked

Launch a Streamlined Scholarship Application Process

Proper data collection and management is key to running an efficient scholarship application process. Eliminate hours of time performing manual tasks, like routing paper forms or tracking down approvals, by creating a form workflow that manages all crucial steps of the process.

Student submits scholarship application form and kicks off workflow

Confirmation email is automatically sent to student

Financial aid office approves or denies application

Scholarship review board provides feedback

Student receives automatically generated PDF award or rejection letter

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Scholarship application form
Confirmation email
Approves or denies
Provides feedback
Automatically generated PDF