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Workplace Productivity Report

Workplace digitization is shaking up productivity and transforming the way people work. Dive into Formstack's report to learn about the cutting-edge tools thousands of teams are using every day to boost efficiency, maximize time, and automate complicated tasks.

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How many hours of each workday do you think you're productive? Seven? Five? Research has found that the average worker is productive for less than three hours each day. The culprit? Poor data management.

To achieve workplace productivity, your team needs easy and efficient access to data. But disparate systems, messy processes, and repetitive tasks can cause you to lose time, focus, and efficiency while at work.

clock and people in a meeting

To help you minimize data gaps and maximize your workflows, we've created a report that looks at data from more than 260,000 forms in the Formstack database. Dive in to discover easy workflow automation solutions that can help your organization save money and get back hundreds of hours.

This report includes:

  • Common productivity pitfalls you need to avoid
  • Data & workflow insights across several industries
  • Two real-world examples of workflow automation in action
  • Easy workplace productivity tips that will give you a jumpstart