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Summer 2020 Release

Discover our new releases for Formstack Forms, Formstack Sign, Formstack Documents and Formstack Forms for Salesforce.

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With updates to Formstack Forms, Formstack Sign, Formstack Documents, and Formstack Forms for Salesforce, it’s now easier than ever to simplify your data collection, automate processes, and get work done.

Formstack Forms

Manage a global list of field options in one location.

With Smart Lists, you can update fields across all your forms at once, saving you hours of work.

Smart Lists is a dynamic way to reuse options across forms. If you use our Checkbox, Drop Down, or Radio Button field types, you can save predefined options as Smart Lists. When you add or remove options from your Smart List, the same fields will be added to or removed from all forms connected to the list. You’ll no longer have to worry about manually updating each of your forms every time you need to change a field.

Smart Lists are ideal for updating large lists of constantly-changing options such as names, departments, course catalogs, geo-locations, and merchandise lists.

If you’re on the Gold plan or higher, all of your Saved Lists will automatically become Smart Lists. Learn more.

Smart Lists

Formstack Sign

Build eSignature workflows in minutes.

Quickly set up documents for eSignature by identifying matching templates.

Matching Template notifies you of a potential template overlay match when a document is uploaded to the signing tray, thus saving you from the tedious job of searching through templates. This streamlined workflow will help you get more done in less time, especially when you’re sending frequently used documents such as sales contracts, insurance agreements, rental leases, tax forms, and more.

Matching Template is now available for all Sign Pro users.

Formstack Sign Matching Templates

Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents meets Airtable.

Build a workflow powerhouse with Formstack Documents and Airtable.

This new integration connects Airtable’s flexible database software with the power of Formstack Documents so you can automatically generate documents with your Airtable data. Easily create dynamic PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations and send them anywhere.

This integration is available with a Formstack Documents account at any level and an Airtable Pro account.

Formstack Documents + Airtable

Formstack Platform

Easily submit your feedback.

Use our improved Feedback tool to submit your ideas within Formstack’s products.

Have ideas on how to improve Formstack? We’d love to hear them! Our new Feedback tool allows you to quickly submit feedback directly to our team within the Formstack tools you rely on most. Once your feedback is submitted, you’ll be able to view and prioritize your suggestions. You can also view, comment, and vote for feedback suggestions from other customers and Formstack employees.

Interested in submitting feedback for Formstack Forms, Documents, or Sign? Learn more.

Formstack Feedback

Formstack Forms for Salesforce

Keep your forms secure with Formstack Forms for Salesforce.

Google reCAPTCHA v3 is now supported so you can protect your Formstack forms within Salesforce.

CAPTCHA fields are used to add a layer of security to your forms and prevent illegitimate submissions. With Formstack for Salesforce, customers can rest assured that all submissions on their forms are protected against spam or user abuse while enabling legitimate users to pass form information easily.

This feature is available on all Formstack for Salesforce plans.

Formstack Forms for Salesforce reCAPTCHA v3

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Your feedback matters. If you have an idea for a new product, feature, or integration, share it with us by logging into your account, clicking the Help icon in the upper right corner, and selecting “Feedback.”

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