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How to improve your home health admission process.

Providing your home health care patients the best care begins with a smooth admission process.

As a home health care provider, you're tasked with providing the best care possible to your patients inside their homes. This begins the moment a doctor refers a patient to home care. If this process includes paper forms, you may run into serious issues that impact your patients, partners, and staff. A paper-based home health intake process can be inefficient, and sometimes even dangerous. Whether you're dealing with lost documents and illegible handwriting or slow mail and endless paperwork, it's time to find a better way.

What does the home health admission process look like?

There's a few steps you must take in order to effectively serve your home health care patients. Here's
a sample workflow of the home health care admission process—from initial intake to the first visit.

Step 1

The patient's doctor makes a referral to a home health care provider.

Step 2

The home health care provider screens the referral and contacts the potential patient.

Step 3

The patient agrees to home health care and provides their insurance, payment, and personal information.

Step 4

The provider contacts the primary physician for the patient's medical records and discharge plan.

Step 5

An in-depth patient record is created by the provider, listing all medications, diagnoses, treatment plans, discharge notes, and demographic information.

Step 6

The patient schedules their first home health care visit and fills out detailed medical forms.

Step 7

The provider performs a home health care assessment during their first visit, including a medication reconciliation, physical, review of medical history, and discussion of the care plan.

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Home health intake tips.

The quality of care you provide patients is crucial to not only their health, but the health of your business as well. With nearly 40,000 companies providing home health care services in the U.S., patients have ample options for their needs. As competition continues to increase, it's important to follow best practices that keep your patients healthy, happy, and safe. This will help you retain current patients, attract new ones, and become a provider of choice for hospitals and doctor offices. Implementing a system that is efficient and effective is key to providing quality service that sets your home health care business apart. Transform your home health admission process with these tips to improve efficiency, data capture, and patient satisfaction.

Use online healthcare forms to improve data capture.

Think about how much data goes into processing one patient for home health care services. Whether it's due to a paper form getting misplaced, a transcription error, or a mistake made during manual data entry, paper forms can wreck havoc on your home health care admission process. Medical errors (including paperwork mistakes) are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. Minimize the risk of errors and improve data capture with online healthcare forms. Your staff, partners, and patients will love how easy digital healthcare forms make the home health intake process, and you'll see an improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of data capture.

Improve form accessibility.

Paper forms can create barriers that slow down your intake process. If you're providing patients with fillable PDF forms, they may not have the tools needed to send the forms back to you, like a printer, scanner, or fax machine. Mailing paper forms is an inefficient and costly process that wastes your valuable time and resources. Improve the accessibility of your home health care intake forms by making them digital and easy to access from a computer, phone, or tablet. Your staff can say goodbye to carrying clipboards, pens, and paper forms during home visits. Look for a form solution that offers offline form submissions so you can collect data anywhere, regardless of your internet connection or Wi-Fi access.

Track communication and collaboration with workflows

When taking on a new patient, you may need to communicate with multiple doctors, hospitals, health aids, and staff members before the patient's first home visit. Tracking all the data from these conversations and keeping everyone well-informed can become increasingly difficult. Implement digital workflows to streamline data collection and ensure all important information is kept secure and in one place. Instead of creating multiple forms that are sent out to different people at different times, combine your forms to create a standardized process. Connecting crucial stakeholders within one process will minimize errors, reduce miscommunication, and increase the speed of patient intake.

Increase security to better protect personal health information.

Handling personal health information in a secure way is crucial to your home health admission process. If your processes are not up to par, you could be endangering the health and security of your patients, as well as the financial health of your business. HIPAA violations can lead to huge fines and major penalties, as well as losing the trust of patients and partners. Avoid this by implementing an online form solution that is fully HIPAA compliant. Look for features such as secure cloud storage, advanced data encryption, password protections, file access controls, and user-level permissions.

Simplify your home health intake process.

Formstack provides a secure data collection solution that can help your business reduce paper, streamline key processes, and improve patient satisfaction. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant solution includes:

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  • Optimization tools for patient acquisition
  • Advanced workflow management tools
  • Dedicated support and onboarding

Ready-to-go home health care templates

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Create seamless healthcare processes.

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