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When you're out working in the field, efficient data collection is key to successful project management. Your technicians should be able to perform their jobs without getting bogged down by inefficient processes, confusing workflows, or repetitive manual tasks. You need a system that removes barriers and empowers your employees to work smarter, not harder. Use these field service optimization tips to transform the way your field service technicians collect data and put it to work.

Eliminate tedious paperwork.

Field service technicians spend most of their time at busy job sites. Paperwork can be easily lost, misplaced, or destroyed when traveling across locations. Reduce the risk of losing important reports by eliminating paper forms and using digital forms instead. Your team will become more efficient and less stressed when all of their inspection forms, work orders, field reports, and other documents are easy to access and track.

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With the Formstack Go app, your field technicians can access any of their forms from anywhere, at anytime. No internet connection necessary!

Centralize your data.

It's frustrating, inefficient, and time-consuming when you can't access all the data you need from one location. Your data landscape can become increasingly chaotic as you throw more tools, apps, programs, and paperwork into the mix. Look for field service apps that offer a variety of integrations to help connect your tools and keep data flowing.

Go mobile without internet access.

From inspecting utilities to ensuring the safety of construction sites, it's not uncommon to find yourself at a worksite without an internet connection. Don't let this deter you from collecting data, viewing reports, and managing communication. Use a mobile field service app that lets you collect information offline without having to alter your workflow or resort to paper documents.

Use field service automation to improve workflows.

Whether you're part of a team of 10 or 100, workflows can become inefficient without the use of technology. Repetitive, time-wasting manual tasks can quickly take over your work day and reduce productivity. Each project may also have its own unique workflow with multiple steps, processes, and people included. That's why workflow management is crucial to every single project your field service technicians handle.

With hundreds or thousands of data points constantly flowing between technicians, supervisors, project managers, and operations, using a workflow management tool is crucial to field service optimization. You'll improve communication, speed up processes, gather data more efficiently, and eliminate manual tasks.

A powerful field service app

Your team can accomplish more in their day while out in the field with Formstack. It's time to
ditch paperwork for good and give your technicians a field service app that will help them work smarter.

Flexible Data Collection

Gather data from any device—like a laptop, tablet, or phone.

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Offline Capabilities

Don't let internet access throw a wrench into daily processes.

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Pre-built Features

Access a variety of powerful features to power teams across your business.

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Ready-to-go Integrations

Transfer data across multiple platforms quickly and easily.

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Multiple Users

Make it simple for teammates to collaborate and communicate.

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Secure File Uploads

Upload and share photos, videos, and other files from worksites.

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Flexibility for teams on the move

You work from anywhere, so your technology should too. Don't let a lack of internet or a spotty Wi-Fi connection impact projects and productivity. Give your team the power to work from anywhere, even if they don't have an internet connection.

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Ready-to-go field service forms

Ditch paper forms for good and hit the ground running with Formstack's pre-built field service form templates. Just choose a form, customize it, and start collecting data in no time. Browse through the templates below to get started.

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