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Create better customer experiences.

Automating your customer service process improves customer satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue.

A smooth customer service process is key to creating loyal customers.

Did you know that loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase? Or that it can cost up to 5x more to acquire new customers versus keeping current ones? This is why retaining loyal customers is critical to business success. But even loyal customers bail on brands due to a bad customer service experience. In fact, 66% of consumers who switched brands did so because of poor customer service. Luckily, your business can make improvements to ensure consistent service for all customers. Use these customer service automation tips to better serve your customers and improve your retention rate.

Assess your process often.

Technology, trends, and customer expectations are constantly changing. If you're not assessing your customer service process on a consistent basis, it's time to do so. An easy way to do this is by adding a customer satisfaction survey to your customer service process. Send this survey to any customer who has recently interacted with your customer service department to get a better understanding of their experience. You'll be able to unearth what your business is doing right, as well as what areas need improving.

Implement customer service automation workflows.

Help your customer service team excel by giving them more time to focus on customers instead of tedious manual work. The more you can implement customer service automation workflows, the less time your team will need to spend on repetitive tasks. Focus on ways to improve communication, speed up processes, remove repetitive steps, and streamline data capture. When your customer service reps are able to fully focus on the customer, you're bound to see an increase in customer satisfaction and retention.

Did You Know?

The Formstack Workflows add-on combines an intuitive online form builder with flexible workflow automation tools to give you an easy, dynamic way to manage customer service processes.

Deliver rapid, clear, and correct responses.

The first interaction your customer has with your team could make or break their relationship with your business. In fact, 67% of customer churn could have been prevented if the customer's issue had been resolved during that first interaction. Customers expect your team to respond to their requests quickly, clearly, and correctly. Try opening different lines of automated communication, such as online forms, chat bots, and social media, to improve response time and accessibility. Implement ongoing training to ensure all customer service reps know how to answer questions, especially as your product or service offerings change over time.

Communicate quickly.

Customers just want to be heard, understood, and have their problems solved. But this all needs to be done within a timely manner. Research continually shows that most customers expect a response to their customer service question, concern, or complaint within 24 hours or less. To ensure your customer service team is able to respond as fast as possible, take some time to audit the different communication channels your company uses to connect with customers.

How long is the average response time to emails? Are social media messages going to the correct team in a timely manner? Do your online forms acknowledge a customer's message has been received? Taking the time to audit your omnichannel customer service strategy will help you identify and improve any communication gaps that may be hurting your satisfaction and retention rates. If there are ways to implement automation early on in the customer communication process, this may help speed up response times and improve customer interactions.

Increase customer satisfaction with customer service workflow automation.

If you're using an omnichannel strategy, you're on track to customer retention success! It's been reported that companies using an omnichannel customer service strategy maintain an 89% customer retention rate. Here's an example of how you can streamline your omnichannel strategy using customer service workflow automation and online customer service forms.

A customer is having an issue with your product and reaches out to your team on social media.

Your social media manager handles the initial conversation and guides the customer into a private message.

If unable to resolve the customer's issue, the social media manager connects them to your customer service department using a customer service contact form .

The customer receives an automated email confirmation stating they will be contacted by customer service within 24 hours.

Data from the the form is automatically routed to the correct customer service specialist, who makes contact with the customer.

The customer service rep fills out additional sections of the form. Once the customer's issue is resolved and the form is submitted, the data is sent to your CRM .

The customer receives an email with a follow-up customer satisfaction survey so they can provide feedback.

Do more for your customers.

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