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Transform your client intake workflow.

Learn how your law office can use workflows to enhance client service, maximize efficiency, and improve client management.

Build stronger client relationships with a better client intake process.

When taking on a new case, it's important to provide a smooth client intake process. Not only is this time period crucial to gathering information to prepare you for the case, it's also critical to creating a strong relationship with your client. They come to you during incredibly stressful and frustrating times, and need to be able to access your services in a way that is simple, easy, and timely. If you're using an out-of-date, inefficient, or clunky system to welcome new clients to your practice, it's time to make changes to your client intake workflow.

Transform your client management.

Using the right technology can help your law office become more efficient and improve
the client experience. Formstack provides powerful tools and a variety of features
that can help your office run smoothly so you can secure more clients.

Build trust faster.

When clients are heard and understood, they're more likely to trust your expert opinion. Providing online forms is an easy way to efficiently capture their information so you're prepared to take on their case.

Secure more referrals.

A streamlined intake process will make clients more likely to refer their friends and family. Utilizing Formstack's Workflows tool can ensure your intake process runs smoothy for every new client you welcome to your practice.

Improve turn-around time.

Collect data more efficiently and please clients with faster response times. Creating an online portal for new clients will help your team keep track of where clients are in the intake process.

Create long-term relationships.

Collecting feedback from clients can help you improve satisfaction and retention. It's easy to measure client satisfaction with Formstack surveys that can be built and launched within a few minutes.

Ensure data security.

The information your team collects is confidential and needs to be kept secure. Formstack protects your forms with multiple security options, including 256-bit SSL, data encryption, PCI compliance, reCAPTCHA, password protection, and HIPAA compliance

Serve more clients.

When you automate systems, your team has more time to devote to other cases. Using workflow management to streamline your intake process can save your office hundreds of hours by minimizing manual tasks.

Set up automated client intake workflows in minutes.

First impressions are everything. Here's an example of how to set your
law office up for success during the client intake process.

Linda fills out the contact form on your website, specifying she needs a divorce attorney.

OncOnce theĀ contact formĀ is submitted, Linda receives anĀ automated emailĀ containing information about next steps and what to expect during the client intake process. HerĀ information is routedĀ to the lawyer best suited for her case.

An email with Linda's information is sent to a divorce attorney.

Once Scott reviews Linda's initial request, he begins the intake workflow process by adding her to theĀ new client form portalĀ . Linda receives an email alerting her to new forms she needs to complete, including forms for emergency contacts, case details, and personal information.

Linda receives reminders about unfinished forms.

Emails are automatically sent to Linda on a pre-determined basis to ensure Scott receives her information in a timely manner. After Linda's new client intake forms are complete, the portal sends her another form to book her first consultation.

Data is transferred to your most critical business systems.

Linda's data isĀ automatically sentĀ to your most critical business systems every time she completes a form. This eliminates manual data entry for your staff and gives them more time to focus on other tasks.

Payment is secured.

After Linda's initial consultation with Scott, she is sent an electronic fee agreement that outlines the extent of the client-lawyer relationship and includes fees, information on the employees working on her case, and details on how court costs will be handled. A document generation tool can be used to automatically update your standard fee agreement for each new client.

A better way to create contracts.

Automate your document generation to save countless hours, improve client management, and eliminate manual data entry.

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Secure data collection

Protect the information clients share with you. Formstack offers multiple security options, including 256-bit SSL, data encryption, reCAPTCHA, password protection, and HIPAA compliance.

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Propel your law office forward.

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