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Responsive Forms

Mobile Responsive Forms

Our form builder gives you fully mobile responsive web forms right out of the box, so you never have to leave a single user behind.

Learn About Mobile Forms

100% mobile ready forms.

With more users carrying mobile devices, it's crucial to deliver a user-friendly experience on any device. Making forms responsive isn't easy if you code them by hand. Luckily, we've taken care of that hassle for you. Every Formstack form you build is ready for any mobile device. Users won't experience these frustrations when filling out your form:

screen pinch

Pinch zooming

Quickly build a form with our drag-and-drop form builder. All field types right at your fingertips!

tiny form buttons

Tiny object tapping

Use the Formstack embed code we give you and put it on your website to start collecting leads.

Phone throwing

Watch engagement rates, field bottlenecks, and more to best optimize the amount of leads you can retain.

Responsive vs non-responsive forms.

Scroll over the two examples below to see how nicely the Formstack form responds to the size of the mobile device. Good luck zooming and clicking on the non-responsive form. An internal test here at Formstack showed a responsive form to be about 1.25 times faster to complete versus a non-responsive form. When you're done here, go check out some of our templates.

Responsive Form

  • No pinch zooming
  • Easy to read
  • Adapts to any size & orientation

Non-Responsive Form

  • Annoying
  • Frustrating
  • Lost conversions

Thoughtful mobile form design.

We've taken steps to ensure every form is as easy to complete on a mobile device as it is on the desktop. Here are just a few of the adaptations you'll see on mobile forms.

radio buttons

Radio & Checkboxes

Checkbox and radio button fields are programmed to automatically become larger boxes on smaller screens. This makes it easy for the user to tap on the bounding box rather than zooming to select an option.


Matrix Fields

Matrix fields respond nicely on small screens so that all questions can be answered without the need to scroll sideways. Users will be able to see all possible choices for more reliable data collection.

mobile form buttons

Form Buttons

Use one of our form example templates and have your form buttons expand on mobile for easier clicking. Make sure your button is not the thing that frustrates users. It could lose you conversions otherwise.

Watch our video on form submit buttons
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