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High-Converting Forms forLanding Pages

Complete the perfect landing page with optimized landing page forms.

An optimized landing page form will capture the essential data your team needs to convert more leads. Since forms are the gateways to conversion, you need to make sure you build and optimize them the right way to make your landing pages successful. Below are the basics you'll need to make your landing page form a success.

Form building takes forever (if you do it yourself...)

Building a form from scratch takes a lot of hard work. Coding is complicated, and just one tiny error can cause your landing page form to not work properly and drive away conversions.

This is why you should use a form builder. Solutions like Formstack's drag and drop builder let you easily drop form fields onto a form template without any coding headaches included.

If you'd like more information on how to use a form builder, check out this quick webinar called "Formstack 101: Form Building".

Landing Page Form - Form Builder

Data collection takes more than a form.

Quick and easy form building is important, but there are so many more form tools you can use to make data collection a piece of cake.

Landing Page Form Submissions Report

Form Embedding

Once you build your landing page form, you need to embed it on your page. There are many different ways to embed landing page forms, but you usually just need an embed code that can be pasted where needed. Other embed options include linking, lightboxes, and QR codes.

Linking and Embedding

Submission Table

It can be hard to organize and analyze your data if it’s scattered across different systems. Solve this problem by compiling all of your form data in one place for easy access. Formstack’s submission table (above) can help you organize your data and provide extra insights on user behavior.

Conditional Logic

Your data collection can be hampered if people drop off your landing page form due to unnecessary questions. Use Conditional Logic to show and hide form fields based on users previous responses. This can boost submissions, and help you weed out unqualified or "fake" conversions.

4 Surprising Ways Conditional Logic Can Increase Conversions

Notification Emails

Confirmation and notification emails are messages that you can send to users to let them know that a submission has been received. To use them, all you need to do is set up your landing page forms to automatically send out emails upon submission and customize your message.

The Difference Between Notification and Confirmation Emails

Integrations give your forms more power.

Your landing page forms shouldn't just be collecting contact information. Open up more possibilities by integrating your forms with third-party apps, like CRMs, email marketing software, and payment processors. Formstack connects to over 35 popular web apps, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and MailChimp.

Form optimization boosts conversions.

Use optimization tools to improve your landing page forms and increase conversion rates.

social autofill icon

A/B Testing

A/B testing involves comparing two versions of a form against each other to see which one gets more conversions. Formstack's A/B Testing feature lets you test button copy, colors, form placement, and more to see what drives results.

Getting Started with Form A/B Testing

social autofill icon

Social Autofill

Lengthy forms are a huge deterrent to conversions. A feature like Social Autofill makes it easy for users to fill out forms by letting them prefill form fields with their social profiles. We've found that this can increase conversions by as much as 189%!

3 Reasons You Need Social Autofill on Every Form

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Campaign Tracking

To ensure your efforts are not wasted, you should track all of your landing page forms to figure out which ones are successful. Make this process easy by compiling all of your data in one place, like your CRM or Formstack's in-app analytics dashboard.

5 Easy Ways to Use Formstack Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

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