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WebMerge Integration

Invoices, event tickets, and applications go smoothly
with our Formstack integration for WebMerge.

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Now, using your Formstack web forms, you can automatically create PDF documents on the fly with data from your form submissions. Use our WebMerge integration to create a ticket for an event, or if you are accepting an online application that needs to be printed and signed.

With Formstack’s WebMerge integration you can:

  • Create PDF documents from form submissions
  • Send customizable email notifications
  • Automatically email PDF documents
  • Create event tickets, contracts, applications
  • And much more!

Automate your document creation process by automatically generating PDF documents from your form submissions. Setup is quick and easy.

Try Formstack for FREE or demo our product to get started. Read more about the WebMerge integration on our support site.