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Dwolla Integration

Connect your forms to Dwolla to seamlessly collect online payments.

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Dwolla is a powerful online payment processor that's ideal for businesses, nonprofits, and developers since it doesn't take a percentage of the money you collect or charge hidden fees. If you use Dwolla, you can connect your Formstack forms to your account to seamlessly process online payments for your business. Collect donations for your nonprofit, process transactions for your e-commerce store, gather registration fees for events, and much more.

Use Formstack's secure Dwolla integration to:

  • Create and customize powerful payment forms
  • Process single and multi-item transactions
  • Collect coupon and discount codes
  • Automate payments with self-calculating fields

What You Need

How It Works


Quickly create mobile-ready payment forms with our drag-and-drop builder. You can build from scratch or choose from one of our pre-built templates.


Turn on the integration by logging into your Dwolla account within the Formstack app. After filling out your form, users will be directed to Dwolla to complete payment.

Get Paid

You can generate a custom return URL so users are redirected back to your website after payment. Email notifications can be delayed until the payment is processed.

Please Note:

Individuals do NOT need to have a Dwolla account to pay you, but they do have the option to pay with a Dwolla account if they have one.

To learn more about the Dwolla integration, please read this Help article.

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Note: Formstack does not charge you for third-party integrations usage.

*Gold star badges indicate premium integrations available at the Gold plan level and above.