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Batchbook CRM Integration

Batchbook is a simple CRM tool to help you build
meaningful relationships with your best customers.

Formstack makes managing your contacts even easier with a Batchbook CRM integration that eliminates the process of manually adding online contacts or importing them into your Batchbook account. Using any Formstack form, you can quickly take any form submission and automatically create a contact in your Batchbook database. Find your best customers and better meet their needs with just the click of a button!

  • Automatically add a Batchbook contact with each form submission
  • Add Custom Field Sets (formally known as SuperTags) to each contact entry, with the ability to add sets multiple times and attach them to to-dos and communications
  • Receive email notifications that inform you if a submission has failed so you can take immediate action

Try Formstack for FREE or demo our product to get started. Read more about the Batchbook CRM integration on our Support site.