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Batchbook CRM Integration

Integrate Formstack with Batchbook to seamlessly add new contacts to your CRM.

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Eliminate manual data entry with Formstack's Batchbook CRM integration. Through Formstack's connection to Batchbook, you can use your form submissions to auto-create new contacts in your account. Use optimized lead generation forms to convert your best customers, create new opportunities for your sales pipeline, and save time for your team.

Use Formstack's Batchbook CRM integration to:

  • Collect new leads and contacts with optimized lead gen forms
  • Auto-add new contacts to your Batchbook account
  • Add Custom Field Sets to contact entries for easy segmentation
  • Reduce time spent getting leads into your CRM platform

What You Need

How It Works


Quickly create contact forms, registrations, and newsletter signups with our drag-and-drop builder. You can build from scratch or choose from over 100 pre-built templates.


Turn on the integration by logging into your Batchbook account within the Formstack app. You can choose which fields will be mapped and sent to your CRM with each submission.


Optimize your lead gen forms and send a greater number of quality leads and contacts to your CRM account with the powerful tools in Formstack's Conversion Kit.

You can learn more about the Batchbook CRM integration on our Support page.

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