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Resources Infographics


Are you a visual learner? Take a look at these handy infographics for insights and tips that will help you create more powerful forms and collect better data.

3 Steps to Automated Employee Reviews Infographic 4 Steps to a Successful Incident Management Process Infographic 4 Steps to a Winning Lead Generation Process Infographic 4 Steps to Streamline Financial Aid Infographic 7 Form Conversion Killers (and How to Avoid Them) Infographic 7 Skills New Marketers Need Infographic Anatomy of a Perfect Event Infographic Anatomy of an Online Form Infographic Ascend to Conversion Heights Infographic Automating Your Sales Proposal Workflow Infographic Calculate Landing Page ROI with Google Analytics Infographic Choosing the Best Payment Gateway Infographic Constructing the Perfect Lead Gen Form Infographic Creating a Successful Employee Onboarding Experience Infographic Discovering The Right A/B Testing Formula Infographic Enhancing the Flow and Protection of ePHI Infographic Enhancing Your Process for Generating New Legal Client Contracts Infographic Form Conversion Report 2014 Infographic Form Conversion Report 2015 Infographic How Small Businesses Engage in E-commerce Infographic How Higher Education Uses Formstack Infographic How Online Forms Anchor a Business Infographic How Secure is HIPAA Compliance with Formstack? Infographic Improving Your Event Lead Management Infographic Is Your Website Losing Money? Infographic Launching a Streamlined Scholarship Application Workflow Infographic Managing Remote Teams Infographic Mobile Marketing Mistakes Infographic Personalized Marketing Infographic Small Business Journey to the Cloud Infographic The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page Infographic The Blueprint of a Higher Education CMO Infographic Toolbox of the Small Business Marketing Cycle Infographic Transforming Your Patient Check-in Process Infographic Why Having Less Form Fields Drives Conversions Infographic