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Sales process automation made easy

Streamlining your sales processes doesn't have to be difficult. Gather important information from clients,
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Online Forms & Surveys

Keep your forms on brand.

You want your brand to be front and center on your sales and marketing materials. With Formstack's drag-and-drop builder and intuitive Theme Editor, you can completely customize your forms and documents to include your business's logo and colors.

Document Generation

Collect data anywhere.

Let your customers submit forms and sign documents on their own time. All Formstack forms are mobile-responsive and look great on computers, tablets, and phones. With our flexible eSignature tools, customers can sign important documents from any device.

eSignature Collection

Collaborate with your team.

Our advanced sales automation tools make it easy to streamline sales workflows across your team. Use the Approvals tool to notify the right team member instantly when new vendor or customer requests come in. Easily approve or deny requests directly from your email.

Data Integrations

Align sales and marketing efforts.

Worried about sales and marketing data silos? Keep your teams collaborative with Formstack Sync. Formstack Sync lets you bi-directionally sync data between your CRM and your marketing automation tools using our library of pre-built connectors. This is an essential step towards inside sales automation, and best of all, there’s no coding required!

API & Webhooks

Exceed compliance standards.

Need to securely collect payments from customers across the globe? Stay secure and compliant with Formstack's sales automation platform. Formstack Forms are PCI and GDPR compliant, so you can safely gather payments online and use forms to collect consent and document opt-ins.

Formstack Sync

Connect with customers.

With customizable sales email automation notifications and flexible document delivery options, connecting with your customers has never been easier. Automatically send personalized invoices, receipts, presentations, and more using data from critical business systems like your CRM!

Increase conversions with powerful features that work for you.

Oval background shape

Add sales process automation to your customer onboarding workflow.

Lucy, a sales rep, is working with a new lead.

The prospective customer completed an online form requesting to talk to sales. Their information was used to automatically create a new record in Salesforce.

New lead
Connecting Line
Lucy closing deal

Lucy closes the deal.

Lucy updates the client's status in Salesforce to Won, which triggers the creation of a customer contract in Formstack Documents. The contract is sent by email.

Connecting Line

The customer reviews and signs the contract.

Lucy's prospective customer receives a copy of the contract while she is out at a meeting. She is able to review and sign the contract using her phone.

Customer reviews and signs
Connecting Line
Contract added to Salesforce

The completed contract is added to Salesforce.

After the contract is electronically signed, it is uploaded directly to the client's record in Salesforce where it can be viewed under "Notes and Attachments."

Connecting Line

It's time for the client to renew their contract.

At the end of the year, the customer receives a prefilled form to renew their contract. If any information has changed, they can update the form with new data.

Client renewing contract
Connecting Line
Data synced

Data is synced between platforms.

Your team is able to create robust analytics reports because your Salesforce customer data is routinely synced with your marketing automation tool using Formstack Sync.

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Sales process automation made easy

Online Forms & Surveys

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