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Simplify Processes

Tight budgets and limited resources can make it difficult to meet student needs. However, using online data collection and automation tools can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create better student experiences. Here are a few ways you can use online forms, documents, and signatures to simplify processes across your university or college.

Enhance your financial aid application process.

Streamline your workflows.

Streamline your workflows.

Simplify the financial aid application process by letting students, the admissions department, and the financial aid department fill out and edit a single online form. Automatic notifications and progress indicators make workflows easy to track and complete.

Quickly collect signatures.

Auto-generate documents.

Use the student data you collect to automatically create custom financial aid documents. No paperwork or manual data entry needed! Easily generate different versions of letters, packages, and more depending on the information provided by each student.

Protect sensitive information.

Quickly collect signatures.

Give students and faculty an easy way to sign off on aid packages. With Formstack Sign, you can create multi-participant workflows that allow students and staff to review and sign documents via text or email. Eliminate the need for paper and accelerate your process.

Protect sensitive information.

Protect sensitive information.

Security is vital when you're handling sensitive student data. Prevent unauthorized users from accessing financial aid info by enabling data encryption on your application. This will require people to enter a password if they want to see certain submissions.

Simplify scholarship applications.

Make apps easy to find.

Make apps easy to find.

Student inboxes are flooded with emails every day, so make sure you use multiple methods to inform them of scholarship opportunities. Get the widest reach by embedding scholarship application forms on your website and sharing them on social media with tools like Facebook Tab Embed.

Accelerate approvals.

Accelerate approvals.

Improve the way you handle student scholarships by creating a seamless approvals process for applications. The Approvals tool lets reviewers approve or deny a form submission directly from their email. Easily track the progress of reviews and get sign off from people in different departments.



During the scholarship application season, registrar offices are often flooded with transcript requests. Simplify the process by connecting your transcript request form to your preferred payment processor so you can quickly collect required payments. After students request their transcript, send them a personalized confirmation email that provides info on when their transcript will arrive.

Schedule Academic Advising Sessions Online

Students rely on their academic advisors for career counseling services and navigating the often complex university course system. Here are four easy ways to ensure students can get the counseling services they need for success.

Conduct successful university campus tours.
branded scheduling form

Create a branded scheduling form to collect important information before a visit, including student ID, majors, minors, and more.


Use an integration to connect your form to a scheduling service like Google Calendar to provide appointment windows for students.


Send automated notification emails to advisors letting them know when a new appointment has been scheduled on their calendar.

confirmation emails

Send automated confirmation emails to students letting them know an appointment was successfully scheduled for their chosen timeslot.


Send automated confirmation emails to students letting them know an appointment was successfully scheduled for their chosen time slot.

Run seamless campus events from start to finish.


Promotion and Signup

Embed an event form on your website and social channels to sell tickets and handle logistics. Adding an Event Field to your form can help you ensure registration is closed automatically when an event reaches capacity. Use the data you collect to automatically generate custom tickets and email them to attendees.


Event Execution

During the event, use a mobile form to let students complete quizzes and surveys on their phones. Don't have a good internet connection? Use Formstack Go to set up a kiosk and collect data from attendees offline. Your data will sync with your account automatically as soon as you reconnect your device to the web.


Follow Up

Collect student feedback while everything is still fresh on their minds by scheduling a survey to go out the day after your event. Use the information you collect to improve future campus events and generate new event ideas. Formstack's form analytics can help you shine a light on key trends and monitor feedback over time.

Streamline your higher education data collection.

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