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Power Your Student Recruitment

Power your student recruitment.

According to a recent report, the number of U.S. high school graduates is expected to stagnate and decline 4% by 2030. With these low numbers, higher education marketing and lead generation are more challenging than ever. However, online data collection tools โ€“ used creatively and strategically โ€“ can help you engage new grads and nurture them to enrollment.

Meet students where they hang out most.

Connect on social

Connect on social.

Recent grads are hanging out on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitterโ€”so you should, too. With a tool like Facebook Tab Embed, you can place forms directly on your Facebook page to collect information for residential life surveys, contests, and more.

Engage on mobile

Engage on mobile.

Students are constantly on their phones. Use mobile-friendly forms that can be filled out on any device for all your marketing efforts, including college fairs and other events. No internet connection? No problem. Formstack Go lets you collect submissions even if you're offline.

Simplify recruitment

Simplify recruitment.

Make it easy for students to complete the admissions process by creating a portal that includes all the forms they need. The data you collect can be used to automatically generate custom documents. Email or text these documents to students to collect their data and signature.


Did You Know?

When looking for a university, the average student only considers four schools or less. 75% of students never go beyond their initial set of choices. To ensure your school is on their list, engage with prospective students as soon as possible!

Create seamless workflows across departments.

Boost submissions

Boost submissions

In today's fast-paced world, students are busy. The last thing they want to do is fill out a long form. Use a tool like Social Autofill to let them prefill form fields with data from their Facebook and Google+ profiles in one click.

Identify improvements

Identify improvements

Not getting many responses on your request forms? Try using Field Bottlenecks to figure out which questions are causing students to leave your forms. Tweak problem questions and see if it improves your conversions.

Re-engage lost students

Re-engage lost students

Partially completed forms can give you a second chance to convert students that are thinking of requesting information from your university. Use the information you collect to create personalized outreach strategies.

Conduct successful university campus tours.

College visits can be overwhelming for students. Amidst all the bustle, excitement can dwindle fast as all the schools start to blur together. Here are four easy ways to create a seamless visit process and ensure your school stands out.

Conduct successful university campus tours.

Personalize college student tours by using branded forms to gather information before a visit.


Use the data you collect to automatically generate important documents and collect student signatures.


Connect forms to your CRM or email platform to create segmented lists and profiles for easy outreach.


Send students a confirmation email that contains all the info they need before visit day.


Ask students to complete feedback surveys, and use the results to improve future tours.


The University of Nevada-Reno was able to increase campus visits by 45% and lift enrollment from 700 to 1180 students in 2 years with the help of Formstack.

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Simplify your data management.

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Connect to your favorite apps.

Send information and documents to the apps you use every day via dozens of easy-to-use integrations. Route student data to your CRM, update your email marketing platform with new contact details, collect online payments and donations, and much more.

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Sync data across key systems.

The best student recruitment strategies require clean, accurate data. Use Formstack Sync to bi-directionally sync information between your CRM and marketing automation systems. No manual data uploads needed. Prevent errors and streamline your data processes.

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Capture data directly in Salesforce.

Build powerful student forms and surveys directly in Salesforce with Formstack's native app. No connectors or integrations required. Dynamically prefill forms with data and connect information to any standard or custom object, including leads, accounts, contacts, and cases.

Seamless Higher Education Lead Generation

Formstack can help your university reduce paper, streamline key processes, and improve your student recruitment strategies. Access the following tools and features:

Hundreds of ready-to-go templates

Hundreds of ready-to-go templates

Automated email and data routing

Automated email and data routing

Section 508 and WCAG compliance

Section 508 and WCAG compliance

Advanced data security tools

Automated document generation

File upload and electronic signature fields

File upload and electronic signature tools

Optimization tools for student engagement

Optimization tools for student engagement

Powerful workflow management tools

Powerful workflow management

Dedicated support and onboarding

Dedicated support and onboarding

Excel at student recruitment marketing.

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