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Simplify Your Patient Registration and Onboarding

Learn how online forms can help you streamline the patient onboarding process, enhance patient care, and improve your bottom line.

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The Power of Efficient Patient Onboarding

The patient onboarding process is the series of steps involved in moving a patient from registration to billing. Usually, this process is managed with manual paperwork: paper forms, paper filing, paper scanning, and paper shredding. But this method is outdated and prone to errors. Your patients are using mobile devices and other technology to safely and effectively manage every other area of their lives. It's time for healthcare to catch up.

Paperwork Errors Hurt Your Bottom Line


Administrative errors cost the healthcare industry over $19.5 billion per year.


Physicians are spending 49% of their time doing paperwork, even with an EHR system in place.


Medical errors (including paperwork mistakes)are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S.

Paper vs. Electronic Patient Registration

Shifting to electronic patient onboarding can erase the headaches experienced with a paper-based system. Below, we’ve analyzed the common issues that stem from paperwork and how online forms can help.
Paper Patient Registration
  • Patients must fill out a stack of forms, increasing wait times.
  • Patients usually complete forms in the waiting room or print them from home.
  • Data entry errors from poor handwriting and busy office hours cause issues across multiple departments, including billing.
  • Insurance issues must be handled in the waiting room, possibly holding up other appointments.
  • Patient records are not connected doctor to doctor.
  • Patients stress about completing paperwork and the time it takes to do so.
Electronic Patient Registration
  • Information is collected before patient arrives.
  • Mobile-friendly medical forms let patients submit information from anywhere.
  • Collecting data online eliminates legibility issues, speeds up registration, and puts less stress on all departments.
  • Insurance can be validated by the office before the patient arrives at their appointment.
  • Patient data can be quickly routed to multiple departments and care providers.
  • Patient satisfaction improves due to a smoother, faster onboarding process.

Did You Know?

In 2019, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is going to change the way healthcare providers are paid. Instead of patient volume, payment will be based on the effectiveness and quality of care provided. If your patient registration process is rife with errors, it can negatively impact care. The result? A major drop in profits. Invest in electronic patient registration now to protect your bottom line!

Transform Patient Registration with Online Forms

Online forms can streamline the entire patient registration process by eliminating the need for paper and integrating with your current workflows. See our breakdown below of a patient onboarding process flow to see how online forms can fit into your healthcare organization.
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Gather critical patient information before the first appointment.

Embed online forms on your website that patients can fill out before their first appointment, and gather data such as demographics, medical history, and insurance details. This will save time for your busy front office staff, and help your patient flow run smoothly.

Did You Know?

The largest fine ever paid in a HIPAA settlement was $5.55 million. Don’t neglect HIPAA! Use an online form solution that is fully HIPAA compliant.

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Auto-route submitted patient information to different departments.

Automatically send a patient's information to front office staff, the billing department, doctors, intake specialists, and other care providers via email. This will help your staff prepare for the patient's first visit, and pre-verify insurance details ahead of time.

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Quickly plan additional treatment and follow-up appointments.

If the patient needs additional care after their first appointment, care providers can pull up the required forms on a tablet or mobile device, have patients fill out their information, and then route data to the appropriate departments for processing.

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Follow up with a patient satisfaction survey to gather feedback.

Starting your patient engagement early is key. The first appointment is the point a new patient considers whether or not they want to stay with you. Send out a survey to collect valuable feedback that will help you and your staff improve future care.

Did You Know?

Low scores on Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHP) surveys can lead to revenue drops up to 1.5%. Patient satisfaction is key!

Improve Patient Care and Your Bottom Line

Formstack provides a fully HIPAA compliant data collection solution that can help your organization go paperless, streamline your patient onboarding process, and meet MACRA guidelines. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant solution includes:
Signed Business Associate Agreement
Secure email and data routing
File upload and electronic signature fields
Optimization tools for patient acquisition
Advanced HIPAA compliant security
Dedicated support and onboarding
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