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Patient Empowerment and Digital Workflows

Reimagine the patient journey by creating a seamless and personalized experience that meets each patient’s health needs and communication preferences.

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Empower patients throughout their health journey.

Pricing Transparency

Pricing Transparency

Patients need to know the estimated costs for their visits and procedures. By embedding a price request form equipped with Conditional Logic on your website, you can ensure patients have quick and easy access to the information they’re looking for.

Patient Data Access

Patient Data Access

Promote health data ownership and avoid health information blocking by digitizing data at the outset of the patient journey. Easily embed new patient forms on your website, send care plans to specialists, and securely share data with patients.

Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use

When your EHR system falls short of providing a fully automated and paperless patient experience, Formstack can fill the gaps. Encourage interoperability across your organization with digital referrals and simplified data sharing.


Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) have finalized rules for supporting patient enablement and providing patients with secure access to their health data. Digitizing outdated paper processes is crucial to complying with these regulations. Formstack is here to help.

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Support patient empowerment efforts with access to the tools your team needs.

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Exceed compliance standards.

Collect personal healthcare information online, and stay compliant with HIPAA regulations. Encrypt data, edit user permissions, and track activity.

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Support your back office.

Reduce time spent manually entering data and chasing down documents. Let patients provide data and sign documents digitally before their appointment.

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Supplement your EHR.

Automate the collection of data not captured by your EHR. Formstack lets you collect information without switching between platforms or manually entering data.

Dr. Chris Bojrab, President of Indiana Health Group

"Formstack increases the speed and efficiency and cuts down on the duplication of data entry for both patients and staff members."

Dr. Chris Bojrab
at President of Indiana Health Group

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