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Here's how to use medical practice automation to create a thriving practice your staff and patients will love.

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In today’s world, managing a medical office isn’t easy. You need to run your practice in the most efficient and profitable way possible, but government regulations often get in the way. However, there are some key areas you can optimize to help your practice thrive no matter what changes are thrown your way. Read on for medical office management tips that will help you better run your practice, save time, cut costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

5 easy ways to master medical office management

Streamline your forms


Eliminate paper forms.

How often is your office staff swimming in stacks of paper forms? Printing, completing, scanning, faxing, mailing, and shredding forms takes away important time from your staff. Using this outdated, inefficient, and labor-intensive process to collect, store, and transfer data limits your organization's productivity and profitability. Shift to electronic healthcare forms to simplify your medical office management and save hundreds of hours each month. Streamline processes like patient onboarding, prescription refills, appointment bookings, patient check-in, and more!

Automate repetitive tasks


Automate workflows.

To run a medical office efficiently, you need to minimize bottlenecks and repetitive tasks. This can be accomplished by creating automated workflows that ensure requests are routed to the correct people and approved in a timely manner. From insurance verification to patient billing, any multi-step, repetitive process can be automated to relieve your staff of paper chases, drawn-out processes, and long email threads. It's simple to assign sections of your workflow to different team members depending on what you want them to review, edit, or approve.

ProTip: Get a head start by using pre-made healthcare form templates to kick off your workflows.

Go mobile


Go mobile.

Please office staff and patients alike by modernizing how you do business. Use mobile-friendly forms to allow patients to provide their information from any device at any time before their appointment. Improve the check-in process by setting up a tablet at the front desk to easily capture patient information. Skip the pen and paper by accepting electronic signatures on important documents. Collecting eSignatures is a simple, secure, and fast way to streamline patient check-in and check-out.

Integrate your products


Integrate your products.

Managing information can be difficult if your software and tools don't work well together. Use HIPAA compliant integrations to transfer data quickly, securely, and automatically to the tools you use every day. Reduce paper and manual data entry by connecting your medical forms to your favorite apps in just minutes. Send healthcare information to your CRM, create polished PDF documents for your office, manage patient appointments, and much more.

Connect with patients


Quickly connect with patients.

Communicating quickly and consistently with patients is key to long-term retention. Improve response times and relieve your staff from piles of paperwork by digitizing the way you connect with patients. Make patient follow-up easy by using an automated system to send important updates and information, like appointment scheduling, information update requests, and patient satisfaction surveys. To keep patients engaged, try sending targeted newsletters to patients who are due for annual physical exams, have chronic conditions, or are considered high-risk.

ProTip: Send surveys within 24 hours of an appointment to see higher conversion rates.

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Medical Practice Marketing Quick Wins

Don’t miss out on opportunities to increase your practice’s profits. Follow this medical practice marketing checklist to stand out from your competitors:

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Create a better patient experience through branded, digital medical forms.

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Use form optimization tools to improve completion rates and test strategies.

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Regularly respond to reviews on sites like RealSelf, Healthgrades, and

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Be active on social media, and respond to questions and comments from patients.

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Ask your patients to review your practice and staff after appointments.

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Share helpful videos to better engage and connect with your audience.


Did You Know?

When looking for a new doctor, more than 80% of patients will use online reviews as their first step. Always respond to negative reviews, and encourage your patients to leave their feedback.

Seamless medical office management

Formstack provides a secure data collection solution that can help your medical practice reduce paper, streamline key processes, and improve marketing initiatives. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant solution includes:

Signed Business Associate Agreement

Signed Business Associate Agreement

Secure email, eSignatures, and file uploads

Secure email, eSignatures, and file uploads

Professional document generation

Professional document generation

Optimization tools for patient acquisition

Optimization tools for patient acquisition

Advanced workflow management tools

Advanced workflow management tools

Dedicated support and onboarding

Dedicated support and onboarding

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