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The key to successful HIPAA data security management

HIPAA data breaches are an all-too common occurrence today. In 2018, more than 15 million patient records were compromised by phishing, third-party vendors, and cyberattacks. That's triple the HIPAA data security breaches reported in 2017. Yet 2019 is looking like an even worse year for healthcare cybersecurity, with the largest attack compromising more than 25 million patient records from a single healthcare provider.

How can you protect your organization from a similar disaster without breaking the bank? The key is to invest in the right HIPAA solution from the start. HIPAA compliant data security management tools like Formstack can help you breathe easier and safely collect patient data without any maintenance or downtime.


Did You Know?

The largest HIPAA data security breach affected nearly 80 million people and cost Anthem $16 million in HIPAA penalties. It also resulted in a HIPAA data breach lawsuit, which Anthem settled for $115 million. Don’t neglect your data systems! Avoid internal and external threats by investing in a robust data security management system.

An effortless way to protect your patients

Store your information in the cloud.

Store your information in the cloud.

Investing in secure cloud storage is a scaleable and cost-effective way to improve the quality of your healthcare data systems. You can access information from anywhere, and send data to other applications like your EHR or EMR. Never worry about scrambling to comply with new IT regulations thanks to Formstack’s continuous security updates.

Avoid internal and external threats.

Avoid internal and external threats.

Worried about hackers? Many HIPAA security breaches actually stem from mistakes made by internal staff! You can reduce the risk by controlling access to sensitive data. Formstack offers flexible permissions and password management, so information is never in front of unauthorized users.

Store your information in the cloud.

Reduce heavy administrative costs.

Maintaining a healthy data management system isn’t cheap, and administrative errors only add to the cost. A strong HIPAA solution can shoulder some of the burden. With Formstack, you don’t have to maintain your own hardware or worry about software updates. You can also reduce data errors by turning complex processes into seamless digital workflows.

Store your information in the cloud.

Be fully prepared for a HIPAA audit.

A good HIPAA solution will offer you a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). They’ll also protect you from violations by giving you the information and systems required to help you successfully pass an audit. Formstack’s extensive data logging and documentation ensure you can pull information when you need it.


Pro Tip

Use an online form to create a simple HIPAA security test, and send it to your staff to educate them on phishing scams and other attacks.

Secure every step of the way

1 Step 1

Patient completes form before their appointment

2 Step 2

Data is encrypted and safely stored in database

3 Step 3

Patient information is sent to front office via a secure email link

4 Step 4

Access controls prevent unauthorized employees from accessing data

5 Step 5

The patient attends their scheduled appointment

6 Step 6

Doctor uses special password to access patient record and add their notes

7 Step 7

Patient’s bill is prepared

Complete your workflows with HIPAA compliant tools.

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Don’t let a data breach give patients a reason to go elsewhere. Connect with us to learn how Formstack can help you protect your organization against HIPAA data security threats.