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Nonprofit stories

Thousands of nonprofit organizations use Formstack to make an impact on the communities they serve. This made us wonder: How many of these nonprofits are located near Formstackers? It turns out there are quite a few!

From event management to donation collection, these organizations are supporting their efforts with Formstack's discounted software for nonprofits. And they're mere miles from some of our remote employees! Here's a glimpse at some of their stories.

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'Stackers in

  • depaula-nick
  • thatcher-makanalani
  • sandor-jeremy
  • dempsey-john
  • walkow-jason

'Stackers in

  • galeza-cate
  • johns-jeff
  • mcalpine-greg

'Stackers in

  • byers-chris
  • brooks-beau
  • combest-lindsey
  • sapp-dustin
  • plush-kelly

'Stackers in

  • adkison-christina
  • allen-james
  • jamison-courtney
  • stenmark-evan
  • perez-rick

'Stackers in

  • white-aaron
  • flynn-justin
  • nieten-abby
  • holcomb-charlie
  • cerny-heather

'Stackers in

  • brokaw-jake
  • storm-amanda
  • edwardson-lauren

'Stackers in

  • pines-zak
  • graff-ryan
  • hopkins-patrick

'Stackers in

  • floyd-joe
  • matthews-benjamin
  • navata-matt
  • schuff-amanda

'Stackers in

  • lyons-cort
  • nommay-patrick
  • carranza-fermin
  • chapin-colin

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