A Side-by-Side Comparison

Do you really need to pay big bucks for marketing software?

While HubSpot offers businesses an all-in-one inbound marketing tool, we’ll show you how to create a better, focused, and budget-friendly marketing solution using Formstack and other marketing software.

Generic vs Focused

While the one-stop convenience of HubSpot may be nice, customers might not be getting the specialized features they need for their unique marketing goals. For example, look at how Formstack's robust form builder stands up against the form builder that HubSpot provides its customers.


Basic Features

$249 (Teams)
$1250 (Professional)
Form Analytics
Mobile Optimization
Payment Processing
Calculating Fields
Conditional Logic
Event Registration
User Email Confirmations

Advanced Features

$249 (Teams)
$1250 (Professional)
Approval Workflow
Data Routing
Email List Building
Email Integrations
Salesforce Integration
Team (Sales) Notifications
Smart Forms

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Advanced features, like our Partial Submissions Tracker, are only available with Formstack. One-of-a-kind tools with serious revenue-generating power.

That's some serious moolah

Your business could save a lot of money by identifying your inbound marketing needs and then purchasing highly specialized apps to meet those needs. Many web apps, like Formstack, feature integrations, which allow you to easily connect online tools and pass data between them.

For example, if you use Hubspot for lead generation and email marketing, you can achieve the same goal by creating a contact form in Formstack and integrating it with an email marketing platform – saving hundreds of dollars each month. This can be done with many other web apps, like CRM platforms, blogs, and payment processors.

Email Marketing $30/mo
Blogging Software $12/mo
CRM $40/mo
Landing Pages $55/mo
SEO $99/mo
Total $485/mo
Pro Plan $800/mo
5000 Contacts $200/mo
Inbound Training $3000
*Monthly cost is calculated for the first 12 months, incorporating sales costs.
Total $1250/mo

Build Your Own Marketing Custom Solution

From a brand new startup to a large enterprise, no business wants to waste money on tools they don't need. Using this interactive chart below, select which Hubspot features you use. We've provided some less expensive alternatives that you can integrate with other apps.

Custom Marketing Tools Builder

Click to add or remove features.

Online forms Formstack
Email marketing MailChimp
Constant Contact
Blogging SquareSpace
CRM Batchbook
Landing pages Instapage
Seo Majestic seo
Raven Tools
Your Custom Total

Are there any

On top of the high price tag, Hubspot also makes customers sign a yearly contract. Web apps like Formstack and its integrations offer monthly payment plans, which means less commitment from your business. Start, cancel, and restart as you like.

Hubspot and Formstack commitment comparison

Beware of
hidden fees!

HubSpot makes all new users pay for "required training" at the beginning of their contracts, a one-time fee of up to $3,000. Formstack, on the other hand, is easy enough to use without training and offers free support for complex issues.

Hubspot hidden fees

See how Formstack can automate your marketing with less money.

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"Formstack integrates seamlessly with the tools we are already using, and the product has grown as our needs have expanded."

Lorraine Ball | Roundpeg

"We love the flexibility and affordability Formstack provides us! It has saved us thousands of dollars."

Sierra Catcott | OneOC