How to Make an Order Form
for Season Ticket Sales

We'll teach you how to build an order form
to collect season ticket sales.


Season ticketholders are a special kind of fan. Win or lose. Rain or shine (or blizzard). These are the people who are in it for the long haul. Reward your biggest fans with a no-fuss process to purchase season tickets!

Step 1: Create a new form.

Click the green plus sign on your dashboard that says Create Form. Under the builder tab, find the Event field under Advanced Fields. Click and drag the Event field to add it to the form.


Step 2: Customize the Event field

When you click on the Event field, you’ll be able to edit the title, upload an image, and enter a description.


You can also limit the number of tickets that are available and limit the maximum number of tickets that one order form can purchase.

The Event field lets you set your ticket price. Choose to set the price at a fixed amount or No Charge if tickets are free.

If you would like to offer tickets at different prices, add as many Event fields as you need. When you use more than one field, you’ll need to calculate a total (see Step 4 below).

Step 3: Determine your sold out settings.


The great thing about the Event field is that you can’t oversell your tickets! When you have sold all of your tickets, the field can be marked as “Sold Out.” You could also choose to hide the field so new visitors cannot see it at all.

You may want to enable the Show a waiting list option. When the tickets have sold out, the field will be marked Sold Out and visitors will be given an option to join a waiting list.

As a final option, you can deactivate the entire form when your tickets have sold out at Settings > General > Deactivate Form settings.

Step 4: Calculate totals

If you need to add up the purchase total, simply add a short answer or number field. Then, click on the Use Calculation link under Default Value.


You will see a drop-down list of fields, numbers, and mathematical symbols that you can use to set up your calculation. For example, if you offer two levels of tickets—Expensive Seats and Cheap Seats—your calculation might look like this:

[Expensive_Seats] + [Cheap_Seats]

Step 5: Get ready to take payments.

First, add fields to collect the customer’s contact information: name, address, email, etc. Then, add the credit card field. You will see an error message because you haven’t yet included the security settings to safely accept payments. Do so, and then add the payment processor of your choice. (Formstack doesn’t charge an additional fee to add payments to a form.)


To add a payment processor, go to Settings > Integration Hub > Payments and add the payment processor you would like to use

With the payment processor added, map the fields from the form to the integration. Make sure your price field is mapped to the payment processor’s price field. This will tell the payment processor how much to charge your customer.

Step 6: Enjoy the season!

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