How Online Forms Solve Higher Ed Marketing Problems

Here's a look at how your university can solve common marketing problems with online forms.

Higher education marketers are tasked with a variety of different engagement goals: staying connected to alumni, generating prospective student leads, and retaining current student enrollment, to name a few. However, inconsistent outreach and data capture efforts can lead to lost opportunities for online connections. With an online form building tool, your team can quickly build and deploy the materials you need to capture more audience responses.

Do you identify with any of the following scenarios?


"I'm always waiting for an IT specialist to build online forms for my team! The delay leads to lowered creativity and lost opportunities."

How an online form builder can help:

  • Create forms with no coding knowledge.

    Online form creation tools offer simple functionality that makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy forms in minutes. Just select the information you want to collect and add your own content.

  • Publish and share your forms in seconds.

    Once you’ve assembled your online form, you can immediately publish it online and start engaging with your audience. You are often provided both a custom embed code (to drop the form on your website) or the ability to share the form on its own page.

  • Integrate your online form with popular marketing apps and payment tools.

    Can you even imagine how long it would take your IT department to connect your form’s data with the marketing tools you already use? With online form tools, you can instantly pass data to several popular web apps and even collect money.

Did you know?

Almost 40 percent of four-year public colleges recruit students on social media. Online forms are a great medium for capturing leads via social networking. Sharing a form on social media is much easier than trying to collect an email address through messaging.


"Sometimes, my departments are tired of waiting for IT to code their forms, so they research and try their own form building solutions. While they can create these forms quickly, they never meet our brand and data capture standards!"

How an online form builder can help:

  • Quickly build a branded form theme.

    Online form builders give you the ability to build and share a centralized form theme. Change colors, add a logo, and adjust fonts to meet your brand specifications. Add users and give them access to these themes for quick, branded form deployment.

  • Customize forms to your brand.
  • Take your branded forms a step further by tweaking each form for your intended audience. Add custom URLs to individual forms, tweak field content to match your tone, and set up branded confirmation emails after the user fills out the form.

  • Secure your form to collect sensitive information.
  • Online form tools offer the highest security standards to ensure your data is safe. Features like data encryption and 256-bit SSL make it possible to collect private information.

Did you know?

68 percent of prospective students have viewed college websites on a mobile device. Make sure your forms are mobile optimized so it’s easy to fill them out on a phone or tablet.


"We don’t have an easy way for form authors to retrieve their own data in the format they need it in. They have lost days of work tracking down data in their email inbox and then calling us when they can’t find it."

How an online form builder can help:

  • Store your submissions in one place.
  • With online form building apps, data collected via those forms are all stored in your account. Search and access data in minutes.

  • Share forms and data with just a few clicks.
  • Control who can access your audience data by adding users to a form or sharing submissions via a private link.

  • Collaborate on customer information with approval functionality.
  • Ever find yourself chasing down a manager to sign off on a document or pestering your coworker to review a file? With online forms, you can give your team the power to approve, deny, or comment on form submissions, even via email.


If you find yourself saying, “Hey, that’s me!” to any of these situations, Formstack’s simple online form builder can help you streamline your data and build your online brand. Formstack offers all of the above features and even more functionality to help you engage with your digital audience and capture more responses.

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