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See how your university can use Formstack to nurture students from initial inquiries to admission.


In higher education, accurate management of prospective students helps your school stand out among the competition. Prompt attention, correct information, and a welcoming attitude communicate your school’s commitment to a positive experience. Formstack can improve your admissions process from students’ first contact form to acceptance. Give a personalized touch to prospective students and parents with online forms.

Collect initial requests for information

Colleges and universities know that prospective students are shopping around. When you use an online form builder like Formstack, you can create an efficient process for your staff to manage inquiries and send information promptly. A fast, personalized response to a website contact form impresses parents and students alike.

Get the right information to the right staff member

Admissions offices tend to sort prospective students by their geographic region. Eliminate the administrative middleman and allow your recruiters to work faster. With a feature called smart routing, you can automatically notify the correct regional recruiter when a student from their territory requests information.

The recruiter can follow up with a personal touch—an email, phone call, or letter—that begins a conversation with the student. For additional security, all student information is saved to a central database. No student will get lost in the shuffle.

Automatically add prospective students to email marketing campaigns

Integrate your Formstack account with your email client for powerful marketing ability. When a prospective student fills out an inquiry form, his or her information is automatically passed to your email client. Create custom subscriber lists to segment your email marketing. Double-opt-in features allow you to ensure that your leads are ready and willing to hear more from your school. Try using a drip campaign to encourage students to take the next step.

Place a form on your Facebook page

Social media is an important part of any school’s marketing efforts, but many admissions offices aren’t leveraging forms on Facebook. Two-thirds of prospective students are willing to complete a lead generation form on a college’s Facebook page. Since the prospective student inquiry is the first step toward admission, make it as easy as possible. Embed your inquiry form on your Facebook page with the Formstack Facebook plug-in. Students can submit their form without leaving Facebook.

Capitalize on campus visits

Use online forms to schedule campus visits and tours. With notification emails, your team will immediately know how many admitted students, prospective students, or parents are coming to campus. Then you can customize tours to suit their specific needs.

Make scheduling easy with smarter forms

Manage campus visit requests with a feature called conditional logic. It allows you to show or hide questions based on students’ responses. For example, if a student chooses a tour on a Monday, your form will automatically display which times are offered that day. When they submit the form, it can automatically notify the appropriate tour guides or admission officers of the request.

Capture visitor leads

Your campus visit form is a great way to monitor the higher ed admissions funnel. Move students from their inquiry to a visit campus. Team up with your admissions marketing campaigns and embed your campus visit form on your school’s Facebook page. Make it easy to capture leads and promote social sharing.

Set up class visits or meetings

If your office encourages prospective students to sit in on classes, manage the schedule with Formstack. Simply use a calendar integration to keep track of your visitors and you’ll know who is expected to attend which class.

An online form also simplifies meetings with faculty or student ambassadors. Notification emails can be customized by using data routing. Professors or ambassadors will receive an automatic email notification of a meeting request. They don’t even need a Formstack account.

Simplify final application submissions

Once a student is sure that your institution would be a good fit, it’s time for their application. Some schools require multiple applications: for the individual college or program, scholarships, and more. It can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Make it easy on students by including helpful form features.

Build Section 508 compliant forms

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires federal and federally-funded agencies to provide accessibility to electronic and information technology to people with disabilities. Many institutions of higher education choose software products that are 508 compliant.

Formstack is the only online form builder that is 508 compliant. People with disabilities can use assistive technology to complete and submit your Formstack forms. This helps to eliminate the barrier to filling out applications and other forms. Students with disabilities don’t have to ask for assistance to submit a Formstack application; they have equal access to the form on your website.

Include a save-and-resume feature

Applications tend to be longer forms, so students will need plenty of time to fill them out. Make it easy on them by including multiple pages at natural break points. A save-and-resume feature allows them to pause to edit or gather additional information during the application process.

Confirm that applications have been submitted

Every admissions office has fielded frantic phone calls from students and parents, wondering if an application has been received. Reassure applicants with a confirmation email. Include key details and information, including when they should expect to hear from you regarding admission. You can even customize the message with the applicant’s name or other information from their application.

Nurture after admission

When a student is notified of their acceptance, it’s a great time to capitalize on their excitement. In your admission letter, include a link to your social media pages. Invite them to sign up for a new-student newsletter with an email contact form. Walk them through the process of what to expect next.

Close the deal with additional invitations Some admitted students need an extra nudge to accept. Invite them back to campus for a special visit or event. Let them spend a night in their future dorm or tour their academic department. Invite current students to meet with them at an exclusive event. Formstack can help you manage their registration data and update your CRM with automatic integrations.

Help them publicize their news (and your school) In an increasingly social-media-focused world, your students will want to share their news with their online followers. Help them broadcast their acceptance with customized, shareable graphics. Create a hashtag for their incoming class and build a social campaign around it. Be sure to link to an online form so their

Keep a personal touch

Admission does not guarantee enrollment, so this stage is an important one to nurture. Continue to personalize all contact with the student and encourage them to ask additional questions. Follow up with parents and interact on a personal level.

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