4 Ways to Get More
Out of Facebook Traffic

See how to leverage your online forms on Facebook and optimize your posts for the most engagement.


You've got followers, and now you're stumped. How do you keep people engaged with your brand on Facebook? So many things are competing for your followers' attention. And Facebook uses a fancy algorithm called EdgeRank that affects which posts people see. Here are some smart suggestions to increase your Facebook visibility and turn passive followers into engaged ones.

1. Pay Attention to What You Post

People get turned off by too much self-promotion or irrelevant content. Instead, engage in actual conversations with your followers. Post status updates, photos, and human stuff. Your followers actually want to interact! In fact, one scholarly study noted that comments increase by 75% if a post asks a question, but they jump by 214% if blanks are included. That's a huge uptick in interactions just for asking folks to fill in the _______.

On average, only 16% of your posts are going to come through on your followers' newsfeeds because of EdgeRank. Don't be tempted to blast dozens of posts hoping that one will get through. Quantity doesn't drive engagement: quality does. Retailers who post 1-2 times a day get 40% more engagement than those who overload their followers with more.

2. Embed a Form on Your Facebook Page

A whopping 96% of users don't go back to a brand's Facebook page after an initial like. This means you might only have one chance to capture a lead's information. Embed a contact form on your Facebook page to convert visitors into leads. Otherwise, you might never get another shot to collect their contact information. Our Facebook Tab Embed feature makes it easy to insert any form with just a few clicks

If you're disheartened by that statistic, give your followers a reason to return to your page. You can use Formstack forms to drive traffic back by embedding interactive forms, like event registrations, contest entries, and surveys.

3. Balance Quick Content with Links to Longer Content

Users respond to simple, short updates on Facebook. Since most people are checking it on mobile devices, they don't have the time or willingness to read something Shakespearean. Briefer posts get 66% more engagement than longer ones.

Posting links is a great way to drive traffic to your website, as well. But if every post is a link to your blog, it'll get pretty boring. Keep a variety going. A teaser fact (Did you know…?) can provide short, relevant content. Add a link to some of your posts to give people a reason to click away from their newsfeed.

4. Don't Underestimate the Power of a Photo

It's well-known that post with photos have the highest average likes and comments. Not only that, they are preferred byEdgeRank. (This is likely because users engage with photos, soEdgeRank prefers photos.) One study said that photo posts get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more clickthroughs. Always be on the lookout for great images to add to your Facebook page.

5. Outsmart EdgeRank with Quality Content

Frustrated by the fact that an algorithm is determining which posts your followers see? Understandable. But the best way to outsmart EdgeRank is to post content that people love and want to like, comment on, and share. If followers are choosing to engage with your posts, you'll get bumped up on EdgeRank. But if you are over-promoting, irrelevant, or dull, you will get pushed further down. In the end, it's all about quality of content.

If you want to learn more about how online forms can convert Facebook traffic into leads, check out Formstack's simple online form builder. Formstack offers all of the above features and even more functionality to help you engage with your digital audience and capture more responses.

Contact sales@formstack.com to learn more about Formstack’s online form creation tool.


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