Formstack Features for Maximum Efficiency in Higher Education

Here's a look at how to make your university departments more efficient with online forms.

Creating a dynamic online presence for a university involves working with a wide variety of departments, programs, and event organizers. You desire to help each one engage their audience in the most professional way that also advances your overall brand.

However, if you’re in charge of creating every registration form, follow-up survey, or information collection form, you may experience ever-growing frustration. Whether you’re working with IT or constructing the forms yourself, the volume of requests may overtake your ability to offer the timely, personal response and service you seek to provide.

Formstack can help you streamline this process and create maximum efficiency for meeting the ever-changing needs throughout your university. This easy-to-use tool will offer you fully customizable form building, easy integration, and the ability to empower departments to create their own forms while you monitor brand consistency and guide them as needed. At the end of the day, less time will be spent on the technology and more time will be spent on engaging the people important to you.

Features For Team Collaboration

Each group on campus has different needs and a unique audience, but is also a part of the overall whole. One key characteristic of an outstanding marketing department is the ability to collaborate efficiently and effectively with different teams. Formstack has developed specific features to streamline the teamwork process and to create a space where everyone can see how their offering contributes to the final product.

Multiple Users

This functionality was built specifically for customers who have multiple people (department heads, interns, support staff) logging in and utilizing all aspects of an account. These team members have the ability to make changes to forms and themes, as well as to use or edit the data. We recognize that some departments may want to have a greater deal of involvement in creating, editing, and consuming the data from the forms they create. This feature allows you to issue them a personal login to allow them quicker access and to save you both time in the constant back-and-forth of updating each other on progress. Of course, with so many different stakeholders utilizing Formstack, we are sensitive to the fact that different permissions will be needed for each user. You have the freedom and capability to set up multiple users with appropriate access to make changes to the forms they’ll be using.

Form Folders

It won’t be too long before you’ve created forms for every program, department and event happening on campus. Of course, that all adds up to a lot of forms! Enter our Folders feature. To keep your workflow running at full capacity, we’ve incorporated a folders organizing system so that you can easily keep track of the forms you’ve created. Sort them by purpose, department, date or whatever system works best for you. This setup will save you time and effort when you need to locate a specific form, which is especially beneficial when you’re ready to use the form duplication feature. A few directed clicks and you can locate past work, copy it, tweak it, and be ready to send it off for brand new data collection!

Approval Workflow

When someone submits a form, they don’t wait forever for a response before disengaging. However, we know that sometimes you can’t follow up with a contact without approval from someone else. Our Approval Workflow feature simplifies the process of approving or denying a submission.

What's Approval Workflow?

Formstack’s Approval Workflow feature gives your users the power to approve, deny, or comment on form submissions. It’s a great way to pass data to several layers of leadership or throughout a team.

Formstack also incorporates email approvals, allowing gatekeepers to approve or deny right from their inbox. The hassle of signing into an external system is eliminated and this process becomes streamlined and functional to get the job done. For example, let’s say you build an online form for students to add/drop a class. This type of request usually requires approval by several different faculty members. Including the appropriate faculty member in Formstack’s Approval Workflow process allows him or her to weigh in early on the scheduling process. If the student is ineligible to drop a class, the request can be denied right away, eliminating unnecessary work and involvement. Our Data Routing option can even generate an automatic response that will be sent to the student to let them know their request status. This communication keeps students engaged in the process and minimizes frustration for everyone involved.

Data Link & Export

When you are collecting data for such a variety of groups, you need a clean and simple way to share the information with other parties. Formstack offers a couple options to meet your needs. The sharing feature will allow you to send collaborators a link with only the charts you’ve created or both the charts and the submission tables. Of course, you can also choose to send a link sharing everything, including all submission details. Another option that may work for you is to export the data you’ve collected to Excel, Word, or a PDF document. You can use these data exports to share your findings with other staff or to incorporate into presentations based on your findings.


At Formstack, we want to take the hassle and backlog out of form building so that you can collect and utilize data in the most efficient way possible. Your focus is on the students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni and telling the story of the university in dynamic ways. We don’t want the technology to get in the way of that work, so we’ve created an easy-to-use form builder that allows you to collaborate with your team and get the most out of your data.

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