Online Forms for Event Planning

See how online forms can help simplify your event planning and free up more of your time for important tasks.


Event planning takes serious levels of organization. With so many moving parts, it can be a challenge to make sure that everything is taken care of. And online tools are supposed to make your job easier, not harder. If you haven't considered using an online form builder in your event planning, you might be surprised at how it can simplify your process and save you money.

Do You Identify with Any of the Following Scenarios?


I need an appealing event registration page that monitors ticket sales for me. I don’t have time to babysit my ticket count!

Here's how online forms can help:

  1. Leverage a mobile form. Did you know that the average smartphone user checks his/her phone up to 150 times per day? Take advantage of those mobile addicts by promoting an online form that is automatically formatted for any device.
  2. Integrate your form with social media. Formstack's Facebook Tab Embed feature lets you automatically insert your event registration form on your company's Facebook page. It's a great way to collect even more registrations on a site that's all about social interaction.
  3. Set a maximum number of tickets. Some online forms, like Formstack, offer an Event field that lets you designate the maximum number of tickets you want to sell. When you hit that number, the form automatically stops selling. No more online ticket-watching!
  4. Mark your form as sold out when no more tickets are available. If you have varying price levels, you can set your form to mark ticket levels as sold out. You can also choose to disable the ticket buying field completely when zero tickets are available. You can also choose to disable an event registration form on a certain date to ensure that no one can purchase tickets after that point.


I need more than event registration and ticket sales—I need to manage the whole event.

Here's how online forms can help:

  1. Keep your forms matching your brand. In case you have an intern or coworker creating other forms for your event, you can create a master Theme that any user can apply to any form. This way, you can make sure all of your forms – from the registration to the contest entry – have the same look and feel.
  2. Manage volunteers. Build a volunteer sign-up form to schedule and assign volunteers to their tasks. Offer shift selection and use routing logic to send their information to the right staff person. You can even integrate your form with Google Calendar so your volunteers can request and schedule a specific time.
  3. Create surveys. Send out post-event surveys to gauge participant satisfaction. 95% of organizations collect customer feedback, but only 30% use it in some way. Using data collection analytics helps you evaluate the information you receive—so you can actually act on it.
  4. Create and share reports. With online form builders, you can create robust reports on your participants' data. Build colorful charts and graphs in just a few clicks.
  5. Integrate with other services. Online form builders can integrate with major email marketing platforms, CRM, document storage, and more.


I'm sick of paying transaction fees over and above the credit card fees.

Why online forms are a better solution:

  1. Most ticketing or event management platforms charge a fee for each ticket sold. That can add up, especially when the fee is in addition to what a payment processor charges.
  2. Online form builders don't take a cut. Services like Formstack connect to your payment processor—they don't take a per-transaction fee. Any fee you incur is from the payment processor, not the online form builder.
  3. Choose the right payment processor for you. Online form builders offer you a choice of many payment processors, which means you can select the one that is most affordable.

If you find yourself saying, Hey, that’s me! to any of these situations, Formstack's simple online form builder can help you streamline your data and keep event attendees coming back. Formstack offers all of the above features and even more functionality to help you engage with your digital audience and generate leads in-person.

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