Beyond the Contact Form: Creative Online Forms for LeadGen

Creating online lead gen forms that convert.

It's that special little phrase you see on every website. You’ve probably got one on your site right now! “Contact Us.” This standard web form seeks to connect with customers and capture leads. But what if you could repurpose your contact form and boost your responses?

Formstack’s benchmark Form Conversion Report revealed that other form types have higher submission rates. Generate more leads for your sales team by experimenting with these popular form types. A little creativity can help you go after new leads on your website rather than just waiting for them to contact you.

Quizzes for the Win!

Quizzes are always popular. Whether huddled around a magazine or scanning a Facebook stream or Buzzfeed, quizzes score. Take a moment and think about your product or service. Is there a serious or silly quiz you can create that would appeal to your target customer?

It may take you a little time to set up a quiz, but your leadgen possibilities are endless. You are quickly and easily connecting to your favorite customers in a fun way. They may even share your form with other like-minded folks. Boom! Even more leads.

Here are a few examples if you need some ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Design software:

What kind of designer are you?

Dating service:

Who would play you in a romantic comedy?

Fashion jewelry:

What’s your style decade?

Want to try something a little more formal that won’t be mistaken for a gimmick? Try asking questions that will help you respond to customers in a more personalized manner. Almost like a quick consult right on your website. For example, a social media management service might have a quiz: Which platforms make sense for your company? Ask about customers and purpose to steer clients towards Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. It also lets you know which staff might be best suited to follow-up with the lead.

Give away the goods!

Want to know who might buy your product? See who will sign up to win it!

Hosting a giveaway may feel like a lost sale, but if you play it right, you can gain more than one happy winner. First of all, require a bit of information to enter, and you’ve got yourself a whole list of potential leads. These entrants want what you’re selling, and even though they didn’t win, you may be able to connect with them as a future customer.

You can get as creative as you want for a contest. Have participants upload photos or answer trivia questions. You can ask them to share about the contest on social media, and you may inspire more entrants.

Finally, track your contest promotion. What channels generated most of your entries? Did your embedded Facebook form produce the greatest results? You may want to consider other forms you can include on your page. This information can help you with future product promotions and distributing your marketing dollars. You’re learning where your customers hang out online!

Contests lead all other form types with a 28% conversion rate. It’s a great way to engage your audience and capture customer data.

Crowdsource with Surveys


Don’t just ask customers to contact you with product feedback. Get them involved with a custom survey!

Ask web visitors to suggest new products or features. Or get input on specific details or services. Then, when you have a product launch, it’s easy to contact these leads: “Your input has paid off. Our product is here!”

Surveys average twenty-one fields. Even with more fields, surveys command a 21% average submission rate. You can ask a few questions to know your leads without tanking your submission rate.

Convert more leads with creative web forms!

You may still use a traditional contact form, but let these ideas spur you on to creative ways to connect with your customers. You might want to offer these forms on your contact page. They might just push that hesitate lead into action. You can also share these forms elsewhere on your site to avoid message fatigue of seeing the contact form on every page.

Ultimately, the goal of a contact form is connection, customer service, and lead generation. Unique form types, like quizzes, contests, and surveys, can help you accomplish these purposes. Surprise your customers with these fresh ideas and capture more leads.

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