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Google Forms
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A Side-by-Side Comparison

What is the best online form builder?

Google Forms is a great free form building option. But if you need anything more than basic form creation, Formstack is the clear winner.

How we stack up on features.

Formstack is the most powerful Google Forms alternative. We offer easy-to-use integrations and marketer friendly features. See how we compare alongside our competitors.

Google Forms
Gravity Forms
Drag and Drop
Themes & CSS
Conditional Logic
Form Importer


A/B Testing
Campaign Tracking
Google Analytics
Facbook Tab Embed
Field Bottlenecks
Partial Submissions
Social Autofill

Data Collection

Confirmation & Redirects
Data Routing
Data Import/Export
Email Logic
Field Validation
File Uploads
Save & Resume
Webhooks & API

Payments & Security

Calculating Fields
Discount Codes
E-mail Confirmation
Payment Processors
Electronic Signatures

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3 Things that Google Forms cannot do.

Don't miss out on the marketing potential of online forms! Let a powerful Google Forms alternative like Formstack unlock your forms for big returns.

1. Accept Payments
  • Google Forms has zero payment integrations.
  • Their forms are NOT secure. They advise against collecting personal data like credit card numbers (or even email addresses).
  • Formstack has 11 payment integrations and multiple levels of security. Collect payments directly on your forms and never worry about data safety.
2. Play a Pivotal Role in Your Marketing Goals
  • Google Forms limits brand consistency. Coding expertise is required to create a custom theme.
  • They offer no advanced analytics. To analyze and address problem areas on your form you need detailed data on form performance.
  • NO simple integrations are available. Leverage Formstack's 40+ marketing integrations with leading email marketing, CRM, and social media applications.
3. Reduce Friction for Your Customers
  • Google Forms have no Conditional Logic feature to shorten lengthy forms for increased conversions.
  • Confirmation emails require coding knowledge on Google Forms. Formstack's Confirmation Emails are ready-to-go, and Email Logic allows even more personalization.
  • Google Forms has only 9 basic fields. Formstack's 18 field types, including Advanced Fields like File Upload, Electronic Signature, and Calculating Fields, streamline data capture.

Stop settling for basic forms. Sign up for a free trial of Formstack and explore more forms and features.

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"This tool is phenomenal. Formstack is so much easier to use, and the functionality is unsurpassed."

Tiffany Tobol, Creative: MMS Blog post

“Formstack is the only form builder that is flexible AND reasonably priced. Plus, the integrations are awesome!”

Skyeler Camacho, WeDeliverOmaha