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SC CTSI heavily subsidizes consultations.  Please plan to cite the SC CTSI grant in any publications that benefit from this consultation.
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Please request services well in advance of grant, conference, or manuscript deadlines.

General guidelines for time needed are as follows:

  1. Grant preparation - 5 weeks before deadline
  2. Data acquisition - 3 weeks
  3. Statistical analyses - 3 weeks minimum
  4. Qualitative methods and analyses – 4 weeks minimum
  5. Writing up results - 3 weeks
  6. Manuscript review (not including re-analysis of data) - 2 weeks
  7. Responding to reviewers - 2 weeks

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Limit 250 characters
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SC CTSI provides a variety of free consultation services, with an option to purchase additional services on a recharge basis.  (see our Recharge Policy).

During your initial 1 hour free consultation, we will estimate the assistance needed for your project.  Fund information will need to be provided and verified beyond this initial consultation. You will be provided with an invoice for review prior to any charges to your account.

Please use USC email address if available

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Please contact Wendy Rosero, SC CTSI Finance Manager or 323-442-2330 to discuss your method of payment.

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