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Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) with Formstack

Create a reliable, secure one-time login for all your Formstack users.

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Tired of people forgetting their passwords? Create a Single Sign-On login with Formstack so users only have to enter their credentials once. With Single Sign-On security enabled, your team's login experience will be centralized, safer, and more efficient.

Use SSO with your Formstack account to:

  • Enhance security by requiring your team to log in with your SSO provider.
  • Improve productivity by giving users only one username and password to remember.
  • Speed up form completion by prefilling forms with custom data from your directory, such as employee ID, branch location, and manager name.

How It Works

You can enable Single Sign-On security via multiple authentication methods, including:

Password Authentication Providers

Use LDAP or Active Directory to collect a username and password through the Formstack login page and authenticate those credentials with an external authentication source.

Redirect Authentication Providers

Use SAML 2.0 or CAS to provide a button on the Formstack login page that redirects your users to a third-party website where they can enter their username and password.

Manage users seamlessly with SCIM.

What is SCIM?

SCIM, or System for Cross-domain Identity Management, lets you connect your own directory to Formstack so you can manage account users from the comfort of your own system. Enjoy the benefits of SSO along with the ability to add new users, edit permissions, and delete users from your organization's directory.

Popular SCIM cloud providers that you can use with Formstack include:

Want more information on using SCIM with Formstack? Get in touch with our Sales team to learn more.

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