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Give your website visitors a fast, easy way to complete your online forms.

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Do you worry visitors will abandon your form because it's too long? Even basic questions like name, address, and email can frustrate people and cause you to lose valuable form submissions. With Social Autofill, you can capture the data you need without turning away time-crunched or mobile visitors. In just one click, your users can autofill forms with information from their Facebook profiles.

Note: Social Autofill is only available as part of the Conversion Kit Add-On. Learn More

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How it works
How It Works

Step One

To add Social Autofill to your form, go to the Conversion Kit tab and click Facebook Autofill.

Step Two

To let users autofill forms with data from their social profile, you need to map fields like Name and Email between your form and Facebook.

Step Three

When someone views the published version of your form, they'll see an icon at the top of the page that they can click to autofill form data with their Facebook.

For more information on how to autofill forms, check out this Help video.

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