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Email Logic

Send custom emails to different people based on form responses.

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Confirmation Email Logic

Create a personalized experience for your users by sending them a custom email upon submission. Email Logic lets you trigger unique confirmation emails based on different form responses. For example, if you're using a signup form to send people different ebooks based on their interests, you can create a confirmation email that contains links to the types of ebooks that someone is interested in.

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Use Confirmation Email Logic to accomplish a variety of tasks:
  • Respond to specific concerns
  • Provide additional information or resources
  • Offer thanks to customers or partners

Notification Email Logic

When you set up Email Logic for your notification emails, you can quickly send form submissions to different team members based on a user's response. For example, if you're using a registration form to capture signups for different, unrelated events, you can route each submission to the appropriate individual on your team that is handling each event.

Protect your forms with CAPTCHA
Use Notification Email Logic to accomplish a variety of tasks:
  • Quickly prep new orders
  • Get input on requests
  • Schedule interviews and sales calls

How it works
How It Works

Step 1: Build your form and include all necessary fields. Email Logic can be used with the Dropdown List, Checkbox, Number, Event, and Radio Button fields.

Step 2: Add a submission message to your form. You can create a custom message, redirect to an external URL, or display the default submission message.

Step 3: Go to the Emails & Actions page to set up your email logic flow. You can select when and under what circumstances you would like to send the email.

For more information on setup, please read this Help article.

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