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Features Emails & Actions

Emails & Actions

Quickly send form submission data to the places and people that need it.

Simplify the way you handle your form submissions with Formstack's Emails and Actions. This handy interface brings together all the tools you need to have full routing control of your form submission data and form email settings. Send and edit confirmation and notification emails, set up routing logic, and manage integrations and webhooks — all in one place.

User-Friendly Interface

All the tools you need to manage what happens to data after a form is submitted are available at your fingertips in one easy location.

Streamlined Editing

Polish your confirmation and notification emails with Formstack's seamless editing tools. Add a subject line, customize your message, and more.

Simplified Field Mapping

Add a personalized touch to your emails with the Field Mapper tool. Find and connect form fields (like a person's name) to your messages.

Accessible Integrations

Manage all of your integrations and webhooks in one place. Set up a form redirect link, view logic settings, and edit your integrations.

Versatile Data Management

Use the tools in the Emails and Actions interface to:

  • Thank people for filling out your forms.
  • Confirm registrations for events.
  • Follow up on appointment requests or sales calls with more details.
  • Send form submission data to other apps like your CRM.

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