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Invite your form respondents to take the next step.

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After a form is submitted, what's next? You can stick with the default "thank you" message, or you can write a personalized note to your customers. Customize the message with our simple HTML editor.

Email Logic lets you send personalized emails based on form responses. For example, if you had a form field that asked if they were satisfied with your service and they responded “no”, you could send an apology email. If they said yes, you could send a thank-you email without the apology.

If you want to send users to a pre-built landing page, you can redirect your respondents to a 3rd party app or an external URL with our Form Redirect feature.

Finally, if you want to mix and match, click the "Use Routing Logic" button to customize. You can trigger unique form submission confirmation pages or different URL redirects based on form responses.

Form redirect setting post form submission

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